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Goldie, the Fairy

In the land of fairies, once there lived a fairy called Goldie. She was the tailor fairy. She was very kind and truthful.
One day, the Queen of fairies was invited to a party. She wanted to wear a new dress. So she asked Goldie to stitch a beautiful dress.
Goldie started stitching. After some time Goldie went to eat her food and left the dress on the floor of her bedroom. The window of the bedroom was wide open.
When Goldie arrived after eating food, again to give the dress to the queen she found it missing. She was worried that the queen would punish her. So she went to the queen and told her the story truthfully. The queen didn't believe her and put her in the prison.
The queen asked her where the dress was but Goldie didn't know. The queen thought she was telling lies. So she told the fairy police to find the dress at Goldie's home. But she could not find the dress. The party came nearer and nearer. The queen was sad.
The fairy police believed Goldie and asked her exactly what had happened. After realizing the story the police fairy searched everybody's house and at last she found the dress in one of the fairy's house.
The fairy police told this to the queen. The queen arrested the fairy who had stolen the dress. She was a wicked fairy and the enemy of the queen. Therefore she had stolen the dress.

The queen put the wicked fairy in the prison for one thousand years and freed Goldie. She also asked Goldie to please forgive her. The queen gave her the dress she had told her to stitch. But Goldie didn't accept it. She said that, "Queen, You need this dress more than me because you have to go to a party, so you only take it."
The Queen was so much impressed by the dress which was made by Goldie that she made her the Royal Tailor of her Palace. Thereafter Goldie stitched many beautiful dresses for the queen and other fairies.

Sayali Saoji,
Std V,
42/A, Pitruchhaya,
Shivaji Nagar,
Nagpur, 440010, India

Words of Appreciation

Meagan It was good, better than any stories I would make.
Sneha Ramesh Well, your story is very interesting. I hope you will go on writing such good stories for us to read. BEST OF LUCK.
Malyatha Shridharan Your story is the best. How I wish I could write like that. I really love that. Write more.
Atish Home Chowdhury This story is very beautiful.
Rahul Shende Good Story
Shreya A good story for your age. But the quality of your language isn't very good. It's all the cliche Indian English, things like "you only take it" and "asked Goldie to please forgive her". Maybe you should read it again and change some words. Also the word "Dress" in actual English means "to wear clothes", "Dress" is a verb and not a noun. A good read, makes you smile. But after a few corrections, it will be as lovely as you intended it to be.
Veena Dear Sayali, You have done a really good job in writing such a nice story and I surely appreciate. I think that people who have commented negatively should understand that Sayali is a very small child and needs a lot of encouragement rather than sarcastic remarks, which would demotivate the young soul. Please try to support the kid rather than pin pointing some minute errors. Anyway, good luck Sayali and may you write more poems and stories, and come up in life. C ya!!
Veena Hey! I just wanted to tell "Shreya," who has commented on Sayali's story that the word "Dress" is a verb and a noun too. This is the correct English and refer the Dictionary if you have any doubt. Remember that you should make sure your comments are appropriate before posting them. Bye!
Atish This is the most boring and childish story I ever read.
Shreya Hey! I also wanted to tell "Veena" who has commented on my comment that I was referring to the usage of the word in actual English, people use "Dress" largely as a verb and really rarely as a noun, maybe you should notice the usage of it instead of trying to correct me first, and try to stick to the topic which is reviewing Sayali's work, I know what I talk about.
Veena Hey! This is Veena again. May be, you (Shreya) should look at your first comment properly because you have mentioned that the word "Dress" is not a noun. You never mentioned that it is used rarely. You see, there is a subtle difference between saying, "it is not a noun" and "it is rarely used as a noun." I hope now you understand what I mean. I suppose Sayali has used the word "Dress" as a noun appropriate to the context. I agree to disagree with you that the word "Dress" is only used as a verb in actual English because even in the Oxford Dictionary it is mentioned that the word "Dress" is a verb and a noun. I wanted to comment on your work because you have criticized the English of Sayali without even knowing what is correct and what is wrong. Inappropriate comments that people like you make might mislead small children like Sayali and that was the reason why I wanted to comment on your response. I hope it is clear now. Bye!
Shreya Hello again, I just wanted to say that I don't go by everything the "dictionary" says AND I don't state the obvious (which here means that I was stating the usage of the word). There are a lot of other ways to actually note the difference between right and wrong, maybe you should notice them too. I said that it's not a noun because thousands of PEOPLE (not books) consider the usage of "dress" in its noun form, wrong. I'm one of those people. As said before I know what I talk about and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I posted in here to let my opinion be heard and not to be judged. I hope THAT too is clear. My comment therefore was appropriate, so Sayali has no danger of being misled by "people like me". And by the way, I *suggested* the things I said. see you!
Veena Hey, it is me again. Well, I am not really sure what you mean by "obvious." It is absolutely not obvious that everybody uses the word "dress" as just a verb. I don't know what makes you proudly say that you don't go by the dictionary, but I do know that dictionary tells what is correct and that is what is accepted generally. I don't want to know whether thousands of people consider the usage of the word "dress" in its noun form as inaccurate because just for the reason that thousands of people believe something, that doesn't mean it is correct. I hope you understand what I mean. Let thousands of people feel this way, or may be even millions, I don't care and the truth remains that the word "dress" is widely used both as a noun and verb. As per your views, if people start believing whatever they speak colloquially is appropriate, then I guess the so-called thousands of people like you who speak however they wish would end up by forming a new language. Of course, what you talk is entitled to your opinion and I am not judging anyone. I am just stating my opinion as I too have the liberty to express my thoughts being a citizen of a democratic country.
Shreya Please read what I put in my brackets, you'll know what I meant by "obvious". I don't care about what the dictionary says or what the people who refer to it all the time say, because this language was made by people, it changes all the time. And what if your dictionary DOESN'T state it?? Do you assume that whatever out of the dictionary is wrong?? I believe that the usage of the word "Dress" in it's noun form wrong (as I've been saying all of this time...). I believe so, because I've been speaking english from the time I started speaking. I know what's right in it and what's wrong. I couldn't care lesser about what you thought and what you guessed, because it's just your opinion. And well, it doesn't matter if you don't know any of those people I referred to, but atleast, try thinking a little bit out of your box (it's an expression, is it in the dictionary??) just because you don't know something, doesn't mean it doesn't exist at all. And plus, isn't it obvious that you too have the liberty when I said EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinion. I'm stating this again to make it clear - I don't care about what the dictionary says, it does not state things in terms of usage, *I did*. Don't expect me to reply to your next comment though, firstly because it'll just be a repetition of what I said in all my comments and secondly because I'm just too bored saying the same things over and over again. If you still have comments or questions, the answers are all in my earlier comments. Bye!
Sindhu This is a nice story. Good English. Can make many more stories of Goldie ,the fairy.
Vijay This is a good story. Keep it up.
Santosh Yup, the story was too childish for a 10 year old kid. I was just going through the argument between Veena and Shreya, lol, short stories are supposed to use colloquial language. Good thing Shreya stopped the stupid argument; for one thing Veena, correcting a person doesn't demotivate that person and maybe Shreya was speaking about "Indianised" english, that's a better word, I totally agree, even though people are sent to English medium schools right from their childhood, they come out speaking like idiots, *laughs* "come I say! I will close off the dooru otherwise", oops, digression, and yeah, the story could be a whole lot better…
Abdulla Sayyaleh Very good. Nice Story. Thanks a lot.
Abhishek Khemka Good Story.
sarah annetts Hi goldie
saliha Very nice story. I wish I also was a fairy like Goldie. I like your stories please write some more stories that I may also read.
Janice I just stumbled onto this page while looking for somehting else. I've read the debate about "dress" and would like to add as an English speaking American that I consider "dress" to first be a noun and secondly to be a verb. Most people I know use "wear" or "put on" in place of "dress" as a verb. I asked 6 friends to define "dress" without any further explination and they all described a garment worn by a female. Aside from the great dress debate I'd like to say that I thought the story was very well written and entertaining. Thanks for sharing it.
FARHA Hi friends! I have a note for you Sayali. Wonderful story! but you can keep writing stories about more imaginary characters. I study in 4 std. and I am 9 years old. I think Veena was correct because when I checked the oxford dictionary I found that 'dress' is both a noun and a verb. That does not mean Shreya was wrong, because when I checked in the same oxford dictionary I found that many people say that dress is a verb and many other people say that 'dress' is a noun and a verb. Now Veena and Shreya please encourage SAYALI to write more stories. BEST OF LUCK , SAYALI.
Namrata It's a nice story Sayali. I think Veena is correct. I am studying in 4th std. Please write more stories.

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