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The Torch

Long ago, there was a village in the midst of a forest. The people of the village were very superstitious. One day, a man from the village, bought a torch from a far of town and brought it to the village. After a few months, the torch got spoilt. So, the man gave the torch to the nearby hardware store. The mechanic at the hard ware store told that he needs a week’s time to repair the torch. The man agreed. That night the mechanic kept the torch for charging and went home. After a little while, a rat entered the store due to the fear of a cat chasing it. The rat displaces everything and runs over the charger to which the mechanic had kept the torch for charging and changes the charger to high density due to which the torch gets overcharged. A little later, the cat too enters the store and switches on the torch and kicks the torch out of the store. Due to the overcharge, the torch glows very brightly that it almost looked like sun. An owl flying above sees the torch and thinks that it is its prey. So, the owl swoops down, picks the torch up and flies away. The owl flies over the village and the people of the village thought that dawn has arrived. So they wake up. When they see the owl fly with ‘sun’ they thought that the owl has gobbled up sun. The villagers hold a meeting and discuss that the owl had to be killed or they will never have sun. So, the villagers make an arrow and throw it at the owl, but miss the owl. So, the arrow goes and hits the neighbouring village which was also in the midst of the same forest. As a result, the people of the neighbouring village get furious and come for a fight with the other village. There is a big fight and many people are injured. All this while, the owl was trying to eat the torch. Soon, the owl found out that the torch is not its prey and releases the torch. The torch hits to a stone while falling down and gets switched off. All this happened during night.

Bhavan's Sri Ramakrishna Vidyalaya,

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