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Scientists Also Play Hide & Seek

Once a time, Albert Einstein, Newton, Archimedes, and other scientists got free from their work and they decided to enjoy one whole day. They played lots of games. When they were playing hide & seek, it was Einstein’s turn to find other scientists. All the scientists hided but Newton didn’t. Instead, he just made a square with a chalk with each side 100cm. Then, he stood on one side of the square and he was just in front of Einstein. When Einstein opened his eyes and saw Newton in front of him. He said, “Newton, I have found you. You are out.” Then Newton said, “No, I’m not out because I am not Newton.” Einstein was in a doubt. He asked him how he was not Newton. Then, Newton replied, “I am standing on the side of a square which is 100cm =1m long. That’s why I am Pascal because Newton/m2 is 1 Pascal.”

Piyush Goel
Bhavan's SL Public School,
Amritsar (Punjab)

Words of Appreciation

poorna shiv kumar Really cool!!! It should go in the magazine!!!!!
supriya saxena Fantastic! Creative thinking

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