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Hanoo and the Three Bears

Hanoo lived with her family on a farm.
In the front of her house was a pond. Behind her house a small mountain and not very far from the house was the edge of the jungle.
One day Hanoo came back home from the village school. She was feeling very hungry so she called out to her mom and grandmom, “ Naani, mom, I am hungry give me something to eat. Then she saw, through the window, both chatting with the neighbor. The neighbor’s house was few yards away from hers.
She decided to go into the kitchen and help herself. She loved the kitchen as it was big and airy with large doors and window opening into the vegetable garden.
She went towards the kitchen and was about to open the door, when through the glass door she saw the strange sight ----- three bears were moving around in her kitchen.
One was large, the other medium and the third was small.
“Papa bear, mamma bear and baby bear.” Hanoo whispered very softly to herself.
The baby bear was sitting at the table, playing with the spoon and plates, the mamma bear was opening the shelfs, one after another and the papa bear was sitting on the chair, with his snort inside the vessel - he was licking away the kheer that Naani had made in the morning.
The mamma bear came back from the shelf, holding two boxes. She tried opening it and when she couldn’t, she held it between her palms and cracked it. Out fell cream biscuits, Barfis, Sonepapri and many home made sweets.
Mamma bear sat at the table . The baby bear climbed on the table and the two of them started eating.
Papa bear finished drinking kheer and wore the vessel as a hat.
The other two kept eating and eating till only the crumbs were left. Baby bear , then lay flat on the floor and licked all the crumbs.
Then all three of them moved towards the door which led to Hanoo’s bedroom.
Papa bear lay on the bed but found it too small. So he got up and lay on the mat, spreading all his four paws. Mamma bear sat on the sofa and the little bear lay down on Hanoo’s bed.
Soon all three were fast asleep. Different types of snoring sounds started filling the room.
Just then Hanoo’s mom and Naani, came into the house. Hanoo put her finger on her lips to let them know that they should be quiet.
When they saw the scene inside they were taken aback. They did not know what to do.
“What should we do ?” Her mother whispered.
“I think we should call the village police, they should be able to move them out.” Naani said.
So she went to the phone, “ No they are not troubling us. “ She told the police, “ they are sleeping like babies. And when you come here then make sure that you don’t trouble them either. Just ensure that they leave our house safely.” Naani instructed.
“Yes Madam.” The police inspector said.
The police came and along with Hanoo, Naani, mom and neighbors, they too pressed their faces to the glass door and windows, watching the three bear sleep like logs.
A little later, papa bear got up. He yawned loudly. The mother bear, hearing the sound opened her eyes and scratched her self . She then went to the bed and woke up the baby bear. The baby bear opened his eyes, he sat up and looked around the room.
He saw Hanoo’s toys stacked neatly in a corner. He jumped from his bed and went straight to the toys.
He picked up the teddy bear and put it on his lap. He chewed on Hanoo’s skipping rope, smashed the toy policeman and broke open her piggy bank, stuffing all coins in another toy’s mouth.
He made a big hole in the toy train and pushed the toy car into it.
Then he took her paint brush and painted his own nose red.
The papa bear got up from the mat and made a grunting sound. The mother bear heard him. She went to the baby bear and held his paw, pulling him up. The baby bear threw down all the toys but grabbed the teddy bear in his paw.
Then holding the teddy, firmly under his arm, he followed his parents out of the bedroom door, into the kitchen and out of the kitchen door towards the jungle.
Hanoo , Naani, mom, neighbors and the police inspector, took their faces off the glass door and windows.
“That real teddy took my toy teddy.” Hanoo said
“My kheer eaten, licked completely.” Naani said.
“My biscuits chewed , tin crumpled.” Mother said.
“Phew, what a sight.” The inspector said.
“Wow”. They all said.
“Have you heard the story of ‘Goldilocks & three bears’? Hanoo asked, as they all sat around the table to have refreshments.
“No.” They all said.
“Then let me tell you. My teacher told me today.” And Hanoo started the wonderful story.

B Sinha & Ananthaa M Sinha
Goregaon (west)

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