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Modern Generation Vampire

It was a stormy and weird night when three adventurous boys Rajesh, Sudip and Bittu were passing through the dark abandoned road where the haunted house was situated. However, none can keep their spirits if they meet a vampire face to face. Something like this happened to them too. Suddenly, their car refused to budge. “DAMMED! at this moment only this car had to go wrong.” exclaimed Sudip. “Now what’ll I do with this car?” “Lets go to that house, there’s nothing else we can do in this stormy night other than getting wet!” said Rajesh. “Are you crazy? don’t you know that’s haunted. I warned you guys not to take this road though it’s a short-cut”, said Bittu. But before he realized, he was inside the house. It was dark and freaky. “Oh! it’s really weird!” exclaimed Sudip. “I told you.” said Bittu. “Shut-up! here we are in a fix and you are talking about silly superstitions” said Rajesh irritated. Sudeenly they saw something gliding towards them and immediately a thunder struck the room and they heard someone speaking, “Hello guys, good that you visited me. For a long time I didn’t have any visitors. Sorry my house’s a mess, one sec.” and to their wonder, the room became lighted and got arranged all by itself. “I too told you it’s haunted” said Bittu shaking madly. “Excuse me! you got no right to tell my dear house haunted!” said the voice crossly. Then slowly a figure appeared. “Hi I’m Sam, nice to meet you”. He was a lad of eighteen like them. “Will somebody tell me what’s happening? Who are you and what are you doing here and how’s everything happening automatically?” asked Sudip confused. “I’m a vampire and like every other vampire I also got powers to do anything without touching it, mental power, you know.” he replied in a casual tone like he’s accustomed with this. “It’s not a time for kidding.” exclaimed Rajesh. “I’m a real vampire. What do you think that I’ll wear a big black silky cloak. That was the fashion before four generations, man!” exclaimed Sam. “I don’t know whoever or whatever you are but please let us spend the night here.” said Rajesh.
The next thing they saw made their blood water. Sam opened his mouth and two big teeth came out. Then they kicked the door as hard as they could. “Please don’t go. I don’t know why human-beings are afraid of vampires. Infact, we also live in this earth. We are all of different types. You are human beings, I’m a vampire, aunt Polly’s a witch, uncle Bones’s a skleton, oh! there are many. I know humans think that we are evil! they are very mean!” he said very offended. “Oh! sorry, please don’t mind…you got to be hungry.” Then suddenly a dinning table appeared where there were lots of delicious dishes. “Chicken tandoor, nun and many other things and yes, water for you guys. I heard you like eating these stuffs.” said Sam, the vampire said in a very friendly voice. “Please don’t suck our blood. We are only eighteen.” said Sudip getting goosebumps. “Lets eat something and end our human life with delicious foods.” said Bittu. “Are you saying anything?” asked Sam. “Come on, don’t be afraid of us, we are modern generation. We don’t do anything like that. It’s only in marriage ceremonies as a ritual we have to drink a cup of blood. Well, wait for sometime, I’ll introduce you with my parents” said Sam innocently. “Oh! so this was only junior, senior is yet to come.” whispered Rajesh in Sudip’s ear. “Oh! Come on, you won’t like the taste if it becomes cold.” said Sam. So they sat to eat the food but found it difficult to shallow them. They were totally speechless. They couldn’t believe that they were with a vampire! “You know, after one hour, I have to go to college if the raining stops. I’m a student of Vampiretism. I’m gonna be a doctor. You must be amazed but we vampires, travel by night.” exclaimed Sam proudly. “Come on man, take it easy! why are you afraid of me? You humans are really coward!” This time, Rajesh, Sudip and Bittu were annoyed with the vampire. They thought that who was he to tell humans coward and also by that time they were being less afraid of Sam for his warm friendly behavior. “Excuse me! you are none to judge humans.” said Rajesh. “Ok, ok, they are not. But many of them are mean! I know they show a serial that a man called Vikral kills vampires, witches and many other things, in your language who are “GHOSTS”. Is it so easy to kill us?” said Sam fuming. As the vampire was talking, Sudip whispered in Rajesh’s ear “Do you think he is harmful? I mean he looks so innocent and talks like a child. And on top of that if he wanted to kill us, he could have done it before.” “Yeah! After all he’s a modern vampire” replied Rajesh. Then Rajesh quickly whispered it to Bittu and he agreed with this conclusion. “So what’s your recipe?” asked Rajesh. “Do you eat raw meat and suck blood?” added Bittu. “Certainly not!” said the vampire. “I told you vampires did this four generations before. Don’t be afraid of me. Believe me, please!” “Yes we believe you.” exclaimed Rajesh. “Yes, me too.” said Sudip smiling. “Well, me three.” said Bittu. “Good joke.” exclaimed Sam. “So, friends?” asked Sam forwarding his hand for friendship. After a pause all of them held out their hands. “Oh I’m sorry I can’t introduce you to my parents as it stopped raining and I have to go to collage.” exclaimed Sam looking disappointed. “Never mind. ”said Bittu. “Now as we are friends, will you come regularly?” asked Sam. “Yeah, sure” replied Sudip. “May we have your mobile number?” exclaimed Rajesh. “You won’t need any. Just tell ‘BOOM’, ‘BOOM’ and utter my name and I’ll be there.” said Sam. “Cool” said Sudip. “Sam, can you do me one favour? asked Sudip. “Sure” he replied. “With your magical powers, can repair my car?” “I would love to!” Sam replied. Then suddenly they saw that Sam’s nails were growing and as it was around five centimeters, it stopped growing. Then he pointed his hands towards the door and it opened and then he pointed his middle finger towards the car and the car suddenly glowed and became normal again! “Now it’s alright.” said Sam. “Shall I drop you in your college?” asked Sudip. “No, thanks. Chi-chi’ll drop me.” replied Sam laughing. “Chi-chi - time to go to college. Please come down.”, he said in a loud voice. Suddenly they heard a loud noise of flapping wings. And lo! In front of them stood an enormous bat! It was a queer bat. It wore fancy sunglasses, a scarf was wrapped around it’s neck and a golden chain was hanging. It’s nails were also shinning and it seemed like it does pedicure regularly. It opened it’s mouth and showed it’s white shinning teeth as if it was smiling. All of their’s mouth fell open. “This is Chi-chi. He drops me everyday in the college.” “B-b-but we heard that vampires can turn themselves into bats, so why do you have a bat to travel?” asked Rajesh. “You all can walk but why do you use a car?” said Sam. “Whatever, please come and visit me someday. I’m sorry that you couldn’t meet my parents.” “Sure.” said Sudip. “We are proud that we have a vampire as a friend.” said Bittu smiling. “Ok bye! you’ll be getting late. Good err…morning because now your day starts.” said Rajesh. “Right!” exclaimed Sam. Their car also started moving and they could see Chi-Chi soaring high up in the air and Sam was biding them goodbye until he became a spot in the sky.

Subharthi Sadhukhan.
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,
Kolkata, Class - VII

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varun Hats off to you. great story
Priya It's a great story. Where did you get the idea from?

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