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Narrator: Babylonians have conquered all of Sumer now. Hammurabi has become the king. Here he comes now (Hammurabi is fat). He is getting ready to meet his subjects.

Hammurabi: Hey servant, where are my socks?
Servant 1: Sir, these socks are smelly. Should I bring them? And the wet clothes, too?
Hammurabi: Okay bring them, where's my food now?
Servant 2(hurriedly): Sir please, the food is not yet ready. Will you eat chewing gum?
Hammurabi: Bring the whole carton of it! (Guard enters)
Guard 1: Excuse me sir; two Babylonians have come to meet you for a big deal.
Hammurabi: Okay, tell them I am coming.

Narrator: The two Babylonians are eager to see Hammurabi.

Funny: Hi, how are you, Hammurabi? My name is Funny.
Bunny: How is your wife? My name is Bunny.
Hammurabi: We are fine. Now what is your problem?
Funny, Bunny (Together): We have a request for you. There are many thieves in Babylon. Would you please make some laws?
Hammurabi (Confused): I don't understand. Will you talk one by one?
Funny: There is much theft in Babylon. People are fighting with each other. Will you please make some laws?
Hammurabi: I will try and think over it.
Guard 1: Sir, it is time for your bath now. Are you coming?
Hammurabi: Yes, I am coming. Bye Funny and Bunny.

Narrator: Hammurabi has just finished his bath. It is time for his lunch. He has a very big meal.

Servant 2: Here's your favorite food, sir. It is burnt chicken, hot fish, black bread, 8 watermelons, and fresh milk. Anything else?
Hammurabi: No, now go let me enjoy my food. (Servant runs away fast)…
Hammurabi (Thinking): Why shall I make the laws for the Babylonians? Have they done anything for me?
(Bunny Enters)
Bunny: Hammurabi, are you going to make the laws or not? Today a thief stole 22 packets of chocolates from my house.
Hammurabi: See, it takes time to make laws. But I am going to make them.
Bunny: What about my chocolates?
Hammurabi: Ask my servant. Now Bye.

Narrator: Hammurabi has finally decided to make the laws. But he does not know what to do.

Hammurabi (To the guard): I shall make the laws. But I don't understand how to make them.
Guard 1: You could ask your wife.
Hammurabi: Yes, good idea. Call her.
(Wife enters)
Wife: Hammurabi, how are you? How was your meeting with Funny and Bunny?
Hammurabi: I am fine. Funny and Bunny want laws but I don't have enough wisdom.
Wife (After thinking a lot): Ask Lord Ea, the god of wisdom. He could help you.
Hammurabi: Thanks. You are great. Bye for now.


Narrator: Hammurabi is in the garden, asking for wisdom from Lord Ea. Let's see what happens next.

Hammurabi: Please Lord Ea appear before me. Please give me wisdom. I badly need it. (He is begging with his hands folded)
(After a while, Lord Ea finally appears in front of Hammurabi)
Ea (Annoyingly): Hey, I was sleeping. Why did you wake me up?
Hammurabi: Lord, I need wisdom so I can fulfill the wishes of my subjects by making laws.
Ea: Okay, I will give you wisdom only if you start eating less.
Hammurabi: I agree.
Ea: Dickety-dickety, dum dum, Let this king have wisdom. Here, you have wisdom now. (Waves his hand and disappears)

Narrator: Hammurabi is in the Royal Room. He is telling the laws to the law writer.

Hammurabi: Number 1, if a son struck his father; they shall cut his three fingers off.
Law writer: Why three?
Hammurabi (Angrily): Because I say so. Next, if a person hits another's head, they shall cut off his hair. Third, if a person breaks the bone of another, that person will have to re-fix his bone.
Law writer: That's great sir. What next?
Hammurabi: If a person stole something, they shall steal his things. And last, if a person cuts someone's tree, he shall plant 1,234 trees in return.
Law writer: This is very good. What shall I do with them?
Hammurabi: Go and stick them all over the town. (Guard enters).
Guard 2: Sir, your wife wants to meet you. Please come fast.

Narrator: Hammurabi's wife really wants to meet Hammurabi. Let's see what the problem is.

Guard 2: There she is, sir.
Hammurabi: What did you want to talk with me?
Wife: Hammurabi, I want to tell you, that you did a great job. Everyone in Babylon is happy now. So, I want to give you a present.
Hammurabi: What is it?
Wife: A new, clean pair of socks.
Hammurabi (Excited): Thanks a lot! You are great! It was just the thing I needed.

Narrator: Here goes a happy ending with Hammurabi getting what he wants, a new pair of socks!

Atish Nitish Kulkarni
7th Grade 12 Years

Words of Appreciation

Sayali Saoji You have really written a nice play at this age. If you have written any more plays please send it to me.
Lizbeth Calderon I think the short play of Hammurabi is cool and funny.
Angel Schellhamer Hi! My name is Angel and I need some info on Hammurabi's wife, so if you can e-mail me a pic I would be happy.
Ashok Javeri HI atish!!!..U dont know what a good story u have written...what with the Americans trying to make Laws for the people of Iraq...which is the present place of Hammurabi (or close to it) try one more version...twenty centuries later!!!!!!
Santosh ROFL! That was so funny!
Katie You could make the play more exciting.
annonymus This is not good and really odd
gurpreet That was really good! Do you have more ? Please send one to me.
anno. Where is a good place to find out if hamm. had a job?
hammurabi Why did you write story about myname itself? Didn't you get any othername? Ok no problem because of my name you made one story. Thanks.
John Hammurabi In your folly, You have gone astray. Did you know that Mosaic and Levitical laws were plagiarized from the Codes Of Hammurabi.
Fatima Hey your story is very good. Believe me, you'll make a great writer one day!
annonymous Pretty good, but it could be better.
annonymous This is a really great story and it helped me on my term paper.

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