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A Rich Boy

Once there was a school which was for children of orphanage, poor and the rich. The school also had many pleasured facilities for the new-born babies. Once a businessman was transferred from Hyderabad to Chennai. His son, who was in great deal for his expenses for costly things, was to join that school. On the first day, his father warned him "Be a truly honest and obedient son. Get a good name for the family". But his son always took costly things and boasted "See how lucky I am for this". But the others didn’t bother about what he said. The boy got very bad marks in his school tests. His parents scolded, "how can you be like this? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?” But the boy only said, “sorry.” His father said, “If you improve, I’ll buy you a credit card." If you don't, I will never get it". In the same school, there was a boy who who was an orphan.
One day the rich boy was fed up of all his things. He started giving away all his things to the rich and the poor boys. One day the orphan boy found a pen which belonged to the rich boy. He returned it to him. The rich boy instead of thanking him blamed him for stealing it. But at that moment the principal heard it and shouted at the rich boy “It is your fault and not his. He gave your pen back and you should repay him with something like golden words or any gift." The rich boy learnt his lesson and gave the boy one of his things. From that day onwards both of them became long-life friends.

Gautam Kaushik

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devika nice
Anubhav Very nice display of the modern world.
Namrata A beautiful story. Nice!

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