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Pooh the Bear and the Old Donkey

One day Pooh went for a walk.
He saw his friend the old donkey crying.
Pooh went to his friend and asked " What is the matter?"
The Donkey said that Sher the tiger was chasing him, wherever he went.
Pooh got an idea.
He said, "I have a plan".
The next day Pooh hid inside a bush.
When he saw Sher he pounced on him and killed him.
The Donkey thanked him.
The lion made him his Prime minister.

MORAL OF THE STORY: A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Rahul Raj
I Std. 6 Years
St. Michael's Academy

Words of Appreciation

Sayali Saoji You have written really a nice story. Keep on writing more stories.
Sindhu This story is very nice. Keep it up. Bye
Anonymous  Pooh is not capable of such violence. He would have tried to create an atmosphere of harmony.
Sen Pooh is a genial soul and does not believe in violence. In spite of such hiccups, WE LOVE DIMDIMA and applaud the good work ! P.S - It is not the old donkey but EEYORE! and not sher - but TIGGER! who is a vegetarian POOH and his friends and not enemies as the article suggests!
Karun & Saran We read your story. Good. Keep on writing more stories.
aneisha I love pooh. He is my favourite.
Fatima Good story for a 6yr old.

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