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The Best Gift ever!

On 28th December I was in bed at 11.45 waiting for it to become 12.00 a.m. Guess why? Because it was my birthday on 29th December. My parents, sister and grandfather were writing cards and wrapping gifts to give me, suddenly I heard a loud cry. My parents came running to my room thinking that I was crying. But I was not crying. So they went. I looked out of my window and saw that it was a cat crying. Just then my sister opened the door and shouted “Happy Birthday Anu”. I ran down the stairs to cut the cake. They all sang “Happy Birthday to you”. They gave me gifts and cards. I quickly opened all the gifts. After eating the cake I remembered something. “Mom, dad can you buy me a cat”. Both my parents said together, “No”. My grandfather had gone to sleep so he didn’t hear me. My sister too said that it was a good idea. Me and my sister pleaded a lot but our parents refused. I felt bad and went to sleep. Next morning when I opened my eyes my parents and my sister were standing in front of me. My father had a cat in his hand. I realized that it was the same cat which I saw yesterday. My father handed the cat to me and said, “Here is your cat, darling”. My sister asked me, “What will you name her?” I thought and said, “Her name is links”. After that I immediately got ready and also gave links a bath. I dried her and combed her fur. In the evening when my friends came for the party I made an announcement. “Friends, this is my pet links. My Family gave her to me today so it is even links birthday. But no need to give links any presents.” The party started. We kept links in her basket decorated with ribbons. We played passing the parcel, hoo-loa-hoop and many other games. Then I cut the cake. My friends sang “Happy Birthday to you.” Then we ate Pav Bhaji, Chinese Noodles, cake and wafers. At 8.30 pm my friends left. I gave them their return gifts. They liked the food and pparty a lot. At 10.00 p.m I went to sleep. I kissed links and kept her in her basket. Then I went to bed. I started thinking when will it become 29th December again so that I and links could celebrate our birthday again.!!!

Anvita D. Ranandikar
Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School
9 yrs.

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sowmiya nice story.

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