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Fitel, Asna, Epes and Prell

At the base of a huge tree, lived a rabbit . His name was Wabbit. His burrow was in the front . At the back of the tree, at its base, lived a hedge hog.
Next to the tree, there flowed a small, clear stream. A tortoise lived in it with his large family.
One day one of the tortoise kid, came home with color all over him.
Wabbit the Rabbit looked at the colors. These were the colors he had never seen before.
‘From where did you get these colors on you ?’ he asked
‘Colours?’ The tortoise kid looked surprised, ‘ What colors?’
‘The ones on your back, your paws.’ The rabbit said.
‘There are no colors here.’ the rabbit said turning his paws around. Then he waved it in front of the rabbit’s face, ‘ What colors do you see?’
The rabbit held the tortoise paw in his own, ‘ here the colors. This patch, and then this. These shades I have never seen before.’
‘And a crazy rabbit like you, I have never seen before.’ The Tortoise kid said laughing, ‘ Calling my brown paws colorful!’. And he splashed into the water for a refreshing swim.
Just then, the rabbit saw the Mr. & Mrs. Hedgehog coming home with their shopping basket.
Excitedly Wabbit ran towards them, ‘ Hedgy, Hedgy come look at these colors. You would have never seen them before.’
Both the Hedgehogs came. The tortoise kid was lying on the grass nibbling green sweet grass happily.
‘Look at these colors.’ Wabbit said, holding baby tortoise’s paw.
‘His usual dull brown color.’ The Hedgehog said, ‘ What’s so special?’ We Hedgehogs have a brighter brown color.’
‘Not brown,’ The rabbit said, turning the Baby tortoise’s paws around, ‘ Look at the splash of these colors. Never seen before.’
‘What splash?’ This little fellow’s colors are as dull as the dried root of a tree.’ The Hedgehog replied.
Then both marched off, ‘ Come Wabbit, share some carrat – ginger soup with us.’ They said.
Very puzzled the rabbit stood up and scratched his head. He again looked at the baby tortoise paws. He could see beautiful color spread. Four different ones.
Never seen before.
The Rabbit looked around and amazing ! he could see these four colors all around him, in addition to the colors that we all see.
And, soon he realized that what he could see, no one else could.
So he gave each color a name. ‘This is Fitel. This – Asna, and this one Epes. And this , Prell.
And suddenly he felt very puzzled and scared.’ How can I see these colors and no one else can.’ He asked himself thousand times
‘And how can others not see what I can see.?’ He asked himself a hundred times.
Next day he went to see Doctor O.
Dr. O was a very well known doctor. He was very old and the older he got the more intelligent he became. Animals from far and wide would come to consult him.
He was a large owl, and lived in the hollows of a huge oak tree.
When he heard what Wabbit had to say, he was not surprised, instead he nodded his head. He showed a lot of interest ad asked him many questions.
Then he said, ‘ Unusual but explainable. Different but natural. Amazing but true.’
Wabbit looked at him in complete surprise.
‘Nice names you have given……Fitel, Asna, Epes and Prell. Though I can’t see them but I like the thought of them.’ Dr. O said.
‘Could you help me understand?’ Wabbit said.
‘Sure’. Dr. O replied. He picked up a whistle and blew it. ‘Tell me do you hear this’.
‘yes’. Wabbit replied.
Dr. O picked up another whistle and blew it, ‘do you hear this.’
Wabbit closed his ears at its sharp sound and said, ‘ yes’.
‘Now,’ Dr. O picked up another whistle and blew it , ‘ Did you hear this?’
‘No.’ Wabbit said. ‘ You blew it but no sound came.’
‘I blew it and sound came. You did not hear but the pup heard. See how its coming running towards us.’ Dr. O said taking a biscuit to give to the pup.
‘I... I don’t understand.’ Wabbit said very puzzled.
‘ I will explain but first, ….’ Dr. O said. ‘Sit and have a cup of buttermilk.’ I never take any cola drink because they are bad for health but often sip on butter milk……great for health.’
After polishing off delicious butter milk, Dr O said, You know why you could not hear the whistle because your hearing capacity is maximum twenty thousand decibel. Any thing of a higher sound frequency you cannot hear but a dog can. He has the capability to hear sound which are more than twenty thousand decibel.
If you do not hear that sound does it mean that the sound does not exist? ‘Dr. O asked and answered himself, ‘ it exists but you do not have the capabilities to hear it’.
The same way, our eyes can catch only a certain wavelength of color. Any thing which is more or less than the see-able wave length, is not recognized by us or not seen by us.
‘OH’. Wabbit said, understanding dawning on him.
‘But does it mean that those colors do not exist?’ Dr. O asked , then answered himself, ‘They exist but we cannot perceive them. We do not see air but it exists. Isn’t that so.?’
‘Yes, yes.’ That’s correct’. Wabbit said. So… it means that ….I..I..
‘Yes, you have, ‘ Dr. O said, ‘ the ability to perceive or see wavelength of colors which other do not have.’ But it does not mean that you are a Master or a Saint. After all, our little pup here is not a saint. Is he?’ Dr. O said, lovingly picking up the pup who, very greedily was eating biscuits. ‘ It only means that he has the ability to pick up a certain frequency of sound wave.’
‘Yes I understand you.’ Wabbit said. ‘ Thank you so much.’
‘Thank YOU.’ Dr. O said, refusing to take the fees. ‘ It was interesting to meet you. See if you can use this ability of yours to help all. That would be really great.’
‘Yes, Dr. O. I will see how best I can use this for the good of every one.’
Saying this Wabbit the rabbit happily trotted home.

Ananthaa M Sinha

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