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The Time Machine

My father is a great inventer. He invents many things such as the magic door, big torch, etc.
One day he invented a time machine from which we could have a journey of the past or the future. My father and I decided to have a journey through this time machine. So I entered the machine. It was wonderful. There were two chairs, a big screen and a table with many buttons. When I clicked a button, suddenly the time machine started flying. I was alone in it and my father was in the lab. After some time on the screen appeared 'welcome to the future' and suddenly the machine landed and the door opened. in front of my eyes was a beautiful city. I could see people flying in the air in a gadget called mini-helicopter. And then I saw the same magic door that my father invented. I saw some very beautiful houses. I peeped through the window of one of the house and I saw that a woman making food standing on a flyover and two children playing with a pen which to my suprise was a modern computer. But as I was admiring the beautiful city I heard a sound Ďtring' 'tring' 'tring'. And suddenly I got up from my sleep. It was a dream after all. It was nothing but the alarm of my clock. I looked at the clock, it was 7:30 and I had to hurry to school. But I was glad to have such a wonderful dream.

Apeksha Tejwani

Words of Appreciation

harika Not very good. Can improve.
devam nice dream.

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