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The Ring

There was a Country, let me call it Ind. It was ruled by a very truthful brave king, call him Raja.
King Raja’s wife passed away after giving birth to a son. Raja made arrangement for the prince’s education. But the boy was not so keen on studies. He spent time playing with his friends. He became lazy and bad mannered.
King Raja was very sad. He advised his son. “you are not an ordinary person. You have to do a very responsible job; i.e. serve the people in the country.”
No use. Prince did not pay heed to his father.
Years passed. The King became old. He was very sad thinking about his son and the people in the country. He prayed a lot to God to save his people and son. Considering his good intentions, God gave him a ring asking him to give it to his son while handing over the country.
One day King Raja fell sick. He knew that it was time to leave the world. He called his son and told him.
“ God is saying that my service is enough for this world. Therefore I want to hand over the people in the country to you. You should serve them properly at your best. But till now you did not give enough attention to these affairs. Therefore I am giving you a ring. It is very special. Wear it on your finger. Whenever you are making a wrong decision the ring will pinch you. Then you can correct yourself.”
The king died. The prince started looking after the country affairs. Ministers approached him with a lot of issues. They wondered how the prince would handle them. But while he was making a wrong decision the ring started pinching his finger. Then he changed his decision. People all over the country were very happy.
But his old friends tempted him indulge in gambling and other bad games. At that time the ring warned him by itching on his hand. But he thought ‘oh it is not a very big decision. It is only a game. Why can’t I play?’
So he played. But while taking decisions in country matters he sought advice from the ring. But it did not respond. His decisions went wrong. He felt very sad.
He realized his fault. He prayed a lot. His father came in his dream and asked him to make amends by prayers and good intentions for the world. He did so. Then he got back his adviser –“RING”. He ruled the country happily.

Meena Ghosh

Words of Appreciation

sherin madhu karuppali It is a good story. My daughter liked it very much.
MILITA It is a very good story.

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