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Be Careful!

Shrutiís birthday was on Monday. She was very excited.
Her mother said," Shruti will you go to the market and buy me some vegetable? You
can also buy your birthday stuff.í
`Yes, yes, yes I will go,í said Shruti. Her mother gave her the money and Shruti
set off. She thought about what should she buy for her 12th birthday. She ran across the road, and," thadd".
She banged a rickshaw. She hurt her stomach and her legs. She started crying and few people helped her.
She learnt her lesson and never ever run while crossing a road. And her birthday was a big hit too.

Anvita Panandikar

Words of Appreciation

GIRISH WANDHARE All stories are very interesting and funny. I like all stories.
Nikita Wow! Very nice !

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