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The Banyan Tree

On the banks of a river, there was a huge banyan tree. Its varied sprouting aerial roots were dangling in the air – none touching the ground yet. To that place, a man came. He tied together two roots as a swing. Mounting on it, he happily swung fast.
Banyan tree felt hurt and its moaning sounds echoed through the roots while swinging.
Another man arrived. On seeing the happily swinging man, this newly arrived man said:”Let me swing for a while.”
But, the swinging man never cared his pleas and had more aggressively started swinging joyously singing a song loudly.
Other man got angry and protested:“It is not your own property – but a public one. I have an equal right to swing.” So saying, he stopped the swing. But the swinging man climbed up through the root up to the branch of the tree and suddenly the sprouting roots were cut by him. The aerial roots fell to the ground like gigantic pythons.
The big banyan tree shed tears on losing its two young children in the most tragic moments. An eagle on the tree screamed.
A few days passed.
Two more roots were chopped off from the tree, as they were hindrance for taking bath in the river by another man.
“Oh, a second butcher!” – moaned the banyan tree. Many green leaves fell to the ground from the banyan tree like tears, alas – not even a single soul had either noticed or sympathized.
One day at midnight, a third person climbed up the tree and systematically cut the remaining aerial roots – nay children of the poor tee – without even a slightest remorse.
The roots were cut into pieces in the full view of the tree. They were bundled up and were carried by the third butcher.
Banyan tree wept and wept on its ineptness for the awful fate of its children.
Many days, months and years passed.
One day, there were thunder and lightning followed by heavy rain with storms threatening the area.
The banyan tree was itself swinging heavily in the cyclonic weather.
A lightning dazzled across the banyan tree. In the dazzling light, three persons sheltering under the banyan tree could be identified as those cruel butchers who had mercilessly cut the aerial roots.
Under the grip of fear and completely trenched, all the three were holding the trunk – almost embracing the tree tightly.
The banyan tree saw those persons and easily recognized them. In spite of their past deeds, the banyan tree was afflicted with mercy and wanted to save them all from the stormy weather by giving them shelter with all its might.
“I want to save them. I will not take revenge’ – Such was the noble thoughts of the banyan tree.
But, alas, the banyan tree was no match for the gale and fell up rooted. All the three persons perished under the tree.
The banyan tree murmured in anguish: “If my dear children - roots have been spared, I could have withstood any storm with the strength of my children and all of them would have been saved. And I, along with my children might have also lived long.”
The banyan tree could not talk any longer.
The banyan tree had also died.

S. Sankaran

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