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Lost in Jungle

By: Sruthi Sunder(8 Yrs), 4th Std, Verkey International Private School, Dubai.

Once my friend and I were in the jungle with my family. While my father and mother were setting up the camp, we went to explore the forest.
As we ventured further, we saw many mango trees surrounded by brilliantly coloured flowers! As my friend and I loved mangoes, we climbed up a tree and started plucking the ripest mangoes.
We came down later and started eating them, while eating one of the mangoes, I heard a sudden rustle in the bushes.
It was an enormous snake! We tried to escape ,we ran deep into the forest without knowing where we were going.
After sometime, the snake slithered away, then only we realised that we were lost!.
The sun was setting and night was falling, and soon it was too dark to see anything. My friend and I sat under a tree and slept.
Just as we were waking up we realised that it was dawn. We looked around and saw our foot steps!, tracing our steps we went further and then we heard voices.
We came near the voices and we saw my father getting up to make break fast was looking very worried and was tired having searched for us the entire night.
We went up to him and apologised for not letting him or my mother know about our trip and getting lost in the forest.
The next day we went back home.
What an adventure we told to ourselves except for the worried looks of our parents. It was a new and adventurous vacation for me and my friend.

Words of Appreciation

Sam Peace It was absolutely GOOD!:)
Gina It is very good. I wish I can read more stories from you...!
shrikant It is good. I want more information about jungle. Suppose 3-4 friends get lost in a jungle then what happens?

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