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Meena Mystery Magic

Meena, a six years old girl was very intelligent. But she had a problem, she was always afraid of ghost stories and mysteries. One day her parents became jobless, so they sent her to a free mystery, magic, touring and academic school. She enjoyed studying there. She learnt arts, magic apart from the academics. One day the teacher announced fun time and tours for them. She was excited but at the same time she was scared of going on a tour all alone. She had to tour the hills near Himalayas.[The school was situated near the Himalayas]. The tour was to start at night. As she climbed the hills she saw a man in the dark following her. Suddenly the area lightened up and she saw Lord Ganesha in front of her. Meena was dumbstruck Lord Ganesha agreed to fulfill one of her wishes. Meena became very happy and asked Lord Ganesha to tour with her that night. The Lord agreed. They began to ride in a cable car materialized by the Lord. Then Meena saw Lord Vishnu, the lord of lords and sought his blessings. Then the light suddenly began to fade and she found herself in a stage. It was then she realize that it was a drama. She laughed heartily as she had enjoyed her wonderful adventure.


Words of Appreciation

Subichcha It is a good story. it will give courage to non-courageous one.
Asha Sweet story!
farha Your stories are very nice.
namrata Farha if you have written any story please tell me, so that I can comment on your story.

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