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Fate O Fate

Once upon a time there was a girl born in a very poor family. Her name was Leena. She was brought up by a royal couple who had no children. The astrologers had predicted that she could die in an unexpected accident. As Leena grew up she grew very beautiful but at the same time she was very careful. She loved flying kites in the palace terrace. The King and the queen knew this and were careful with her. One day the King had gone for a urgent meeting along with the queen and his troops. The Princess Leena was alone. She felt very bored in the palace with no one to play with her. She decided to go to the nearby castle. The castle had 20 terraces. Leena went and took her kite to fly. Unfortunately she had taken a slippery kite that should be flown only in a garden. But she went to the 20th terrace which was 26 feet high. Leena was not scared she knew she had to be careful. In the mean time when the King and queen returned they did not see Leena and got panicky. They went to the castle where Leena was flying her kite. When they saw her they suddenly remembered that the castle was cursed and the person who got into the castle gets locked. The queen started weeping, the king went to the palace to call the minister for a solution. At that time Leena who did not see her parents began to fly the kite, the kite went high Leena who ran after the kite could not balance herself and fell down but to her surprise nothing happened. But suddenly a truck came and banged her. She died on that spot. The King who came with the minister fell down dejected and the queen too died shortly after this incident. Within few days the king also hung himself and died.
From this story we can understand the life of the royal couple was meaningless because of the cursed castle. We must understand that thinking bad of others[as the cursed castle] may result our life being meaningless.
Namrata IV A

Words of Appreciation

farhasalim Very nice
divya Beautiful!
kanitha wow...This story was really nice. you have so much intelligence in 4th standard itself. keep it on
sakshi It is a very lovely story.
suma nice story

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