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The Great Indian Soap Opera

Once upon a time in a village called Nirma, near Mysore, there lived a young man called Margo. In the same village, there also lived a young woman whose name was Liril.
One day at the village well, they met each other and fell in love. Afterwards, everyday they met in the afternoons under the shade of the neem tree, which protected them from the glare of the harsh sunlight.
One afternoon, Margo brought some pears for Liril. As she was eating and enjoying the fruits, Margo knelt on one of his knees and proposed to mary Liril. He promised to take good care of her for the rest of his life.
Liril looked at Margo's hand's and remarked that they were dirty. Margo went home, and washed his hands with Dettol.
The next day they again met in the shadow of the neem tree. Once again, Mago talked of his undying love to Liril. She still said no to his proposal.
Then again they met at their usual meeting place. This time Margo brought with him a moti necklace, which he gave to Liril. Seeing the gift, Liril's heart fluttered like a dove.
Margo entreated, "Please accept me and my gift". Finally, Liril relented and said, "Next Sunday". Margo was elated. Before taking leave, he said, 'OK, Tata".
The next Sunday, Margo married Liril in the local church. He presented her with gold ornaments. She put them in a box made of Mysore sandal wood.
He went to work in Hindusthan Lever. She also went to work in the Godrej Company.
After one year, they had a daughter. They named her Rexona. Then after two years, they had one son. He was christened as Lifebouy.
Margo bought some fields adjacent to his house. He engaged a servant, whose name was Ariel, to look after the fields. Liril engaged a house-maid to look after her children, and prepare food for the family. The house-maid's name was Lux.
The family then lived happily ever after.

By Biju Cherian
Vasai Road, Maharashtra

Words of Appreciation

Namrata Your story is good but I don't understand the meaning of your heading.
Harleen Kaur I liked your story very much. But I did not understood the meaning of your title.
namrata Harleen I think he has jokingly put the title because the people in this story have the names of soaps!
heena Your presentation and story is good but it is not defining ur title

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