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A Real Adventure

I am a fan of Enid Blyton’s books such as famous Five, Secret Seven etc. I used to read a lot of such books. So I organized a secret society like the Famous Five and secret seven. The organization comprised of three members and is known as The Thrilling Three. Its members are Rohit – my friend, Raghunath – my brother and myself.
There is a dark wood down our lane, beside which there is an old house. It's owners have locked the house and migrated abroad.
One evening when I was back from school, on the way, I met our milkman who gave us an information filled with adventure. His information was that early in morning when he was on his rounds of supplying milk, he noticed a light inside that house.
This was a news for the Thrilling Three. The next day itself we three went to that house to have a close look at it. Since we couldn’t notice anything, we planned to come back at night. But I saw the electric meter working. Who would use electricity in a completely evacuated house? That night three of us climbed on one of the trees of the wood and were cautiously watching, for some noise or movement etc. For goodness sake we saw a light in a room at 12:00 AM. I heard somebody talking and discussing because the night was very silent. After a few minutes, for our disappointment, the lamp was put off.
The next morning, since it was a Sunday we had a Thrilling Three meeting. In the meeting Rohit remembered about an open window in the ground floor, through which he saw that the floor was neat and tidy and the cupboard was arranged creativity. This made us confirm that somebody is in the house.
Then I remembered about Raghu’s pet parrot, Somu. Somu is an intelligent parrot. I told somu to get it inside the house through the air hole and look if somebody was there. Somu smoothly glided in through the narrow air hole and returned back after a few seconds. And said “ LOOT TEACHER’S HOUSE TONIGHT 10:30”. The only teacher in our lane was our painting teacher. So we cycled to the police station and informed the police about the incident.
The sun was setting. The Inspector was my father’s friend. So he immediately set with some constables with us. We showed him the teacher’s house and we went home.
The next day after my school when I was back, the Inspector was waiting for me and he congratulated me and told that they had caught hold of five thieves. This was one of the most exciting works done by the Thrilling Three.

T R Srinath
IX B, 13 yrs old
Kendriya Vidyalaya
Trichur, Kerala

Words of Appreciation

mgsdzxczcdbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb Nice.
B. Sai Praveen Totally Excellent,Compassive,such a wonder.
eashwari Could not take eyes off the story till the last. Good creation.

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