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A day By The Sea-Side

Gayathry Latheef
School: Villa Teressa School
City: Mumbai

It was a Saturday.
My summer vacations had just begun.
My cousins had come to spend the vacation with me.
We decided to go to the seaside. My mother and aunt
Packed food, extra dress for changing and a beach umbrella.
My younger sister was getting in everyone’s way.
She was pretty excited as this was her first visit to the beach.
I had also taken my camera, video games, a box of peppermints
And some very good books. I put them all into a duffel bag with my costume.
Then I put on my wind-cheater over my shorts
And T-shirt for it was pretty cold.
My cousins and I had quite a squabble about the seats and at last took our places.
My uncle started the car and we were off for a day by the sea.
We all were in a very joyful mood. We had breakfast in a hotel
And put on our costumes under our shorts and T-shirts.
In an hour we reached the beach. My cousins and I took off our shorts
And T-shirts and stood in our costumes and trunks with our towels draped around our waists.
The grown-ups carried the food-stuff and beach mats.
We played ball and Frisbee.
Then for a long time we played in the water.
We had fun.
My mother called us to change and have food.
We were sorry but the thought of the yummy food was enough.
We changed in a jiffy and sat down to eat a feast fit for a king:
Sandwiches, pizzas, pav-bhaji, cake and coke.
I was absolutely full!
On the way back we dozed or read books or played video games.
I was really happy when I got home. It had been wonderful experience for all of us.

Words of Appreciation

Namrata Gayathry the story is good but not fit in stories better put it under articles.
kanitha Gayathry the story is good but not fit in stories better put it under articles.
sangeeth The story is so good.

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