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The Unlucky Wolf

Once upon a time, in a jungle, there lived a very wild cheetah named Bodnom. He was a raved hunter. He killed animals even when he was not
hungry. One day a wolf who wanted to fool him, stood on a rock and yelled "I am another cheetah like you. Meet me at the pond at night. We will
hunt a couple of deers." That night near the pond the cheetah found a hunting camp. A hunter
saw him but could not catch him. The cheetah hid behind a bush. When the wolf arrived there, he pounced on him and killed him.

Moral-Never try to fool anybody.

By Vedant Ashish Pathak

Words of Appreciation

ankur Good
trishla sancheti Wonderful
shruti joshi This story has nothing. It's just a small story. I did not like it.
Namrata Fantastic. Please write more like this.
dhanya oh....not so good. Don't feel bad. Try to write some more better and big stories.
deepti The story is ok. It does not strike the mind and touch the heart. But despite it we must try to appreciate it. Try to do your best. Best of luck.
saara Please write a little big story.

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