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A Visit To The Circus

By Sharada Mahalingam
Age : 12
Class: Seventh
School: J.B Vachha High School
City: Mumbai

The Rambo Circus is in town!” I exclaimed, eagerly scanning the day’s newspaper. “Let’s go today, please, Mummy!”
Mummy looked at Daddy, who smiled. “All right, I suppose we could get tickets for the six ‘o’ clock show this evening”, she said, sipping her coffee.
It was a Friday and my parents, twin sister Tina and I were eating breakfast.
“Now eat quickly, or you’ll be late for school”, said Daddy.
At school, we could think about nothing but the circus. As soon as we got home, we changed, had our snacks and waited impatiently for Daddy to get home from his office.
“He’d said he’d come early today”, complained Tina to Mummy. Just then, we heard a squeal of tires and our blue family van appeared on the driveway, driven by Daddy.
Soon, we filed inside the van and were off to the circus. Fortunately, we got four seats in the front row. The show began.
The first item was the high wire act performed by famous Russian acrobats. Then a dwarf rode on a tri-cycle. He was marvellous. We clapped hard as he rode his tri-cycle over tall gray elephants. Next, two motor cyclists drove their motor bikes inside a big, round, transparent globe. The noise they made was deafening! After that, a pretty lady came on stage, followed by a lion. She fearlessly put her whole head into the lion’s open mouth! It was terrifying. How the audience applauded! Then came a magnificent black horse with a gymnast sitting on its back. He slowly stood up and cantered about on the stage. He did push-ups and even a few flip-flops!
Soon came the Interval. We bought popcorn and ice cream, talking about the various items that were performed. The Interval ended and the show started.
There were rope ladders hanging about everywhere and on the very top was a huge net. A short joker and a tall joker came on stage and both started climbing up the same ladder. The short clown was the one ahead, and the tall clown was a few steps behind. Just then, the short joker’s shorts slipped down and fell on the stage. After a few moments, quite suddenly, his underwear fell out too, but not on the stage—on the tall joker’s head! It was very funny, and Tina was crying with laughter!
The next item was of a juggler. In he came, carrying burning torches. He began juggling them. I felt scared. “What if he drops one of those torches of fire?” I wondered. Just then, Tina said she was going to the toilet and went.
Suddenly, before I knew what was happening, I saw that the stage was on fire! There was a hullaballoo everywhere after that.
“Hold on tight to my hand!” screamed Mummy, clutching Daddy’s arm. There was a stampede at the fire exit. We were practically carried by the crowd to the exit.
Suddenly, Daddy shouted over the noise, “Where is Tina?” Just then, we saw my sister emerging from the toilet, a look of surprise on her face. I waved at her frantically and at last, she spotted us and came running over, bewildered that so much had happened when she was in the toilet!
At last, we reached home safe and sound. The juggler had escaped with minor injuries and no one was killed in the fire.
I only regret one thing though—I couldn’t see the rest of the show! But Tina didn’t mind that. “I’m angry and disappointed that I was the one that had to miss out on all the excitement!” she grumbled.
Anyway, this was the most exciting evening of my life. Who knew that an ordinary visit to the circus would have such an extraordinary ending?!

Words of Appreciation

VARUN I liked this story.
deepika It was a very interesting story. Congrats to miss Sharada Mahalingam.
Kumar Use and misuse of innocent girls who were brought to circus at the age of 6 to 10 are now bound to work for circus owners. Their childhood, their right to be at home, to take education at school, to be loved by parents... where has the child right gone? To bring to circus, they have been given fake dream. If the circus, again comes to your city, I request you to boycott seeing it since there so many girls have lost their childhood, so many girls have to live without their interest..... You are children, you should be in favour of children --- not those who make so much money by exploiting children. At last, your story is interesting/terrifying.
Sriya This story is very nice. I like this story.
yashraj and aishwarya Its a lovely one.Can you tell me how to develop this as we have good command on language but at times cannot think the essays.
zainab It is a very good essay.
sanket dhotre Circus is world of entertainment and enthusiasm accompanied with laughter and emotions!
harika Very nice
John Very Nice
sheetal shah The essay is very nice. Can you send me some more good essay to develop my child's thinking on essays.
shobhankita I liked a lot.It was funny and interesting to read. The last part, to say, I did not like. Do you mind sending me some puzzles and keep in touch with me through my email address.
krisha nice work, it's wonderful
SACHIE Fantastic. I liked it very much.
Anish Fantastic Work buddy
pallavi nice story buddy
bindu it was awesome. it helped me in my essay . thank u
komalpreet Fabulous efforts. I love these pretty expressions.
zainab Alkandari Just Fabulous.You shouldn't stop writing such interesting stories. Great language, the sequence of events is coherent and the setting is excellent!
swetha It should be in the format like introduction , matter & conclusion.
Roopali It's a really nice essay. It helped my younger sister to write her essay.
anu excellent
hareem It is a story not a essay but nice story.
hira nice story
mehvash khan Essay should be in a short form. Nice story.
Divia Very interesting story
akansha It's quite an interesting one. Ooohh I love your writing expressions. I think in my life this is the first essay which I liked it. Keep it up, excellent, good job. Keep on writing your beautiful essays. Go bless you.
ADITYA Good use of language. Keep it up.
Janhavi very nice essay. Thank you
manvi Excellent, very interesting, good English.
saurabh Nice language and nice story.
SURAJ AGRAHARI Very Interesting
Nimisha Krishnan Nice!!
Rajith good!!
Teach Was a really good composition. No mistakes at all.
kritika nice essay
Shreyansh Sachan It helped me a lot.
chaitrali naik Great Story.
Payel Bhowmick very good and interesting story!!

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