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For My Dear sister

“Good morning everybody.
This is Abhimanyu of class eight... Sorry,Sorry”he said as he had forgotten his speech. “Abhi,You must prepare well. Don't you know that different students from different schools will come to listen your story?” said Divya, Abhi's sister studying in 6th class. Abhimanyu is a brilliant student in his school so he was selected to represent his school. But now he had forgotten everything because he lacks in concentration. Divya said “see Abhi,your story must be good and you must get a cup.”Abhi said “I know it. Just go! Mom is calling you" Divya left his room. Then his mother called him for dinner. He went and ate his food and watched his favourite show Doreamon until 10'O clock and he forgot about the story and went to sleep. Next morning Divya asked him “Abhi,did you prepare well? I want to listen to the story.”Start your story”Abhi was tensed. He didn't know what to say. So he said “I prepared. Come to the school there you can listen. Divya said “yes! Really, I'm coming” Divya went. He thought “July 18th, I can't forget you! My principal is going to scold me.. What can I do !!”
After going to school they called out names for the competition and third was Abhi. They called, “Now let's begin this mega event with Harshitha.”She came and spoke about her mother.Next it was Riya. She said about her favourite programme. Next they called “Abhimanyu”! He was tensed. Slowly he went on to the stage. He said “Good morning Everybody who gathered here. This is Abhimanyu...”
He stopped. Divya's heart was beating. She prayed to god.
The he continued " I'm going to dedicate this speech to my sister, Divya. Today is her birthday. But,she did not ask for a wish or for a gift. She asked me to win this competition. From the past five years I did not wish her. But she did not question me one time for that. Daily she used to help me in my activities . So I want to say "Happy Birthday sister”. Saying this, he came down the stage. He hugged his sister and she said “Though you won't get cup I won't feel because you had won my heart” After him forty seven students spoke. Next a judge came forward and took the mike. He started his speech. “Here fifty students from different school came.Coming here is a great. I'm going to say you one thing. How much time we take to speak does not matter, what we speak matters. So the winner is “Abhimanyu from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan” Everybody clapped. He held his sisters hand and went to the stage and said “I dedicate this to my Inspiration-My Sister” She was happy. Then he thought “July 18th, I can't forget you.”

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.
Sri Venkateswara Vidyalaya, Tirupati.

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