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Weaving, A great Art

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved to eat food. One day she asked for food for the seventh time. Her mother said "You Greedy Girl this is the seventh time." At that time, a young man was passing through the way. He was so curious so he asked her mother "what seventh?" She said"seventh spindle of heap that she has spun"- she lied. "But that's nothing to get angry about!"he said. "I don't like her to spin all the time as she always spin and doesn't talk to anyone! Who will Marry her?" The man said "I will marry her. I'm a cloth trader and I always wanted a wife who spins good" so,the man took to his house and said to the girl-"See I'm going to business trip tomorrow. I won't come by a month.Here is what you have to spun the heap. By the time I come you must spin all. The man went and the girl started to eat. And it was last day.She was so sad that the man won't marry her. Suddenly there appeared a woman.she said- I'm Columba, I'm here to Help you. She spun the heap. The girl asked-"what can I do for you" The Woman said "Invite me to your marriage. If you won't invite me the man will never marry you. Call my name and I'll be before you."The girl thanked. Next day the man came and said"Tomorrow,I'm going to another trip. This is the heap.This is double to the before. Weave it. Next day the man went and the girl started to eat.The last day she started crying.This time a woman came.She said I'll spin and she spun. The girl asked that what can she do. The woman said "Invite me to your marriage.Call my name, Columbuna." She went. Next day the man came and he was shocked. He said again I'm going to the trip and I'll giving you another heap. Next day he went and the girl started eating. As usually she cried at the end. This time a woman name Columbura came. She spun all the weave. Girl asked "what can I do?" She answered,"Invite me to your marriage." She vanished. Next day the man asked that can I marry you? The girl agreed but she forgot the names. She went to her mother. She was so sad. The man who was madly in love with the girl want to come to her house. On the way it rained. So he went to a cave. He saw three woman. They said that we are living here. The man asked the names. They said Columbura,Columba and Columbuna". As it stopped raining he came and went to the girl. He went to the girl and described the face of the women. The girl asked their names and he said the names. Then the girl agreed to marry him and invited the women. On their marriage. The women revealed that because of their face appearance no one invited them to marriage. They also said because of weaving their face became ugly. Means, ones eyelashes looked straining and ones lips are so thick and others teeth became sharp. The man was afraid and said his wife not to weave from now. She agreed happily.

Name: Harshitha.T
Class: VIII-C
School: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Sri Venkateshwara Vidyalaya, Tirupati
Original name of the story: Weaving Wonders
Name I changed: Weaving,A great Art.

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