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The Golden Grandma

It was the time when the girl waved to her grandma with tears rolling down her cheeks. She got into the car and started her journey. "Ria , don't cry", her mom and dad soothed her. Lying on her mother's lap she dreamt of her childhood. She had bright, deep eyes, soft hands and a beautiful smile, then. She had always been with her grandma as their family lived in the village. Without her grandma, her day wouldn't start or end. She felt that the smile on her face was due to my grandma. The night time was the favourite part of her day. She would end her day only after listening to her grandma's tales. Years passed and Ria's father decided to move to the town for betterment of his family and an elevated lifestyle. The day of the journey had put an end to her golden days. Her dissappointed voice spoke, "I will never leave without grandma." But she had to. Her grandma tried to convince her, "See darling , you are my favourite and will be my favourite. Now, do you want grandma to be happy?
"Yes grandma, of course, I want you to always be happy", were the words coming out from her little mouth.
"Then, I don't want you to cry", said grandma.
"Ok grandma", she replied and controlled her tears.
"That's my girl".
She opened her eyes to the present. The car strode into the city. It was dusk, the stars starting to smile from above and city lights welcoming Ria. After reaching their new house, tired Ria, fell asleep. The next evening , the phone had a suprise. Her mom answered, 'Hello? Oh! Is it? Wow!". She hung up. Ria was perplexed. She had no clue of what was going on and her mom rushed out. Ria was home alone and after what seemed like ages, the door bell went 'clonk'. She opened the door, only to behold her grandma smiling at her. Ria's joy knew no bounds. She exclaimed, "My golden days have started again."

M.Ragha Shrutilaya

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