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Best Friends

Minnie and Ritu are friends since they joined this school in first class. They were famous for being best friends for twelve years. One day Minnie bought a yellow rose which was dried and presented it before Ritu. She asked"Minne, why did you bring this yellow flower? Minnie answered"Yellow flower is symbol of friendship. Today I bought this yellow flower to end our friendship." Tears ran through the eyes of Ritu. With heavy heart, Ritu ran away from that place. She remembered how they had become friends. On June first 1999 Minnie bought a fresh yellow flower and asked her to become her friend. Ritu agreed. From that day to today they were best friends. After their breakup, they did not talk ever. One day, all of a sudden, Minnie died. Ritu did not attend her funeral. She came to know after one year why all of a sudden, Minnie said breakup to their friendship because of her friend Raina. She said, "Minnie was suffering from cancer and she took promise from me that she should not reveal it to you. She knew that you can't bare. That's why she broke your friendship. Thank god!! You din't cry". Saying this she went. Ritu din't cry. She went to her room and hugged the teddy bear, the last gift given by Minnie. Next she went to her garden and took an yellow flower. This flower is from the stem of the rose which Minnie gave her as her last Gift. She kept that flower in her hair. She never cried for Minnie's death because she knew that if she cried Minnie's soul will never be peaceful.

Bhavan's Sri venkateshwara Vidyalaya, Tirupati.

Words of Appreciation

Divya Sree Though this story sad to hear I liked the story Because this story is about friends. Their true love And all other. Even though a friendship is broken she did not throw the gift. I came to know that friendship Never breaks.

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