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The Haunted House

"People of Palampur street are talking about the house situated at the corner of the street. They say it is haunted. Will you believe this brother?"asked Divya to her twin-brother Chandra. He agreed to this as he was afraid of ghosts. "Only old people believe this. Are you also an old man?", questioned Riya, Divya's friend. He felt insulted and said "let's go to that house to night". For this they agreed happily. Chandra said" Inspector Kiran also went to that place yesterday. Till now he's not returned. Divya was terrified. She took the gun from the drawer without her father's permission. Then they told their parents that they were going to Riya's house and left the house. With great fear in their heart they moved towards the house. After they went inside, Chandra said,"We should stay this night here". Then they selected their rooms. After some time Riya was disturbed by a sound. She went to one room with the expectation that she was incorrect. Then she screamed. Chandra also went to the same room but this time no one screamed. It happened that Divya also heard but she didn't go as she was lazy. But after sometime she took her bag and searched everywhere. She stopped at a place where she saw Chandra's spectacles. Without making noise she went to the room. But it was her bad luck. A man there saw her. She immediately took the gun and showed it to the head of group who was beside Kiran as he was kidnapped there with ropes. She said "Hands Up". They were afraid. Immediately Chandra and Riya went to inspector Kiran and untied the ropes. He took charge and arrested the criminals. He thanked everyone. Divya said "Sir, tell them that this gun is duplicate".

Class: 8-C
School:Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,Sri Venkateswara Vidyalaya,Tirupati.

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