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A night at WolfBane Forest

It was a full moon’s night! And our class was trekking in the wolfbane forest. The creepy thing was that the sun had set and we had lost our way! We huddled together and lit up a fire. There were legends that a werewolf lived in this forest. “Okay students there is nothing to be afraid of. Do not panic. We will wait till morning and then find the way to the city," scowled our P.T teacher. His name was James Parker and he was too plump to be our P.T teacher.
But we had a bigger problem than that! We were trapped in wolfbane forest and our whole class was very much afraid. Suddenly Matt bumped into me. “sorry Tom”, he apologized but I paid no attention to him neither did he ask another question because we began hearing howls, howls of wolves and they were not far away.
“Maybe they are hungry” cried Matt. “Don’t scare us, Matt," cried Louisa . She was trembling with fear. I could see that Mr. James was too scared. His face said it when suddenly our campfire went out! It was pitch dark but fortunately we had matchsticks and lit the fire again.
We gasped in horror. Mr. James had vanished! Matt stood up and began “We have to move from here. Come on friends. Don’t give up hope. We will make it. Let's head towards a higher place. We may be able to see the city lights and then we can..."
It was scary walking there because we couldn’t see a thing. We switched on our flashlights and began searching for higher ground when finally we reached a cliff. We could see the city lights shining in the north direction. I wanted to get a better look of the city. I walked over the ledge and was standing on the brink when suddenly I heard a cracking sound. The stone ledge began to crack and it fell with me. As I fell from the cliff my mouth went dry. I could feel the wind rushing against me making a loud sound. This was my end but no I uttered a joyous cry I was caught on the branch of an oak tree a few meters from the ground.
I climbed down the tree and began shouting “Matt, Mr. James, can anyone hear me? Please reply!” There was a deep silence but the howling of the wolves broke it. They were very close to me! I switched on my pocket flashlight and to my horror wolves had surrounded me, their terrible fangs looked as sharp and serrated as like kitchen knives.
I sprang forward and began to run I could hear rustling of grass and howling of the wolves following me. Maybe they were calling their pack but I was not fast one wolf caught me by my bag, threw me on the ground and pounced on my chest. I tried to push him aside but it was too strong for me and his pack members had surrounded me.
The wolf got off my chest finally and snarled at me. He began to howl like calling someone! And then I heard the rustle of grasses and in the pale moonlight another wolf came to view he was standing on his legs maybe the wolves were all calling him. “You are dead meat boy. I am the werewolf of this forest", the wolf began to speak! “How can you speak?” I sputtered no reply once again all the wolves began to howl and the werewolf leapt on me and grabbed me.
I stuffed my shoe in his mouth and freed myself and began running I knew I couldn’t outrun the wolves but I had to do something. The wolves were after me suddenly I collided with a tree trunk and fell to the ground. The wolves once again showed their terrible fangs to me. Some were howling! Their leader came closer towards me sprang over me. He was just about to bite me when suddenly the sun began to rise. It was bright red but something strange began to happen, all the wolves ran away like chased by ghosts except their leader. He began to growl in pain, his fur was going inside his skin, his canines became shrinking he was transforming to a human.
I stood there startled a human was standing there and to my horror it was Mr. James!

Anirudh Nautiyal
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan G.I.P.C.L academy

Words of Appreciation

sidhu A very good plot of the story.
The dumb human Awesome,amazing,no words to describe a master story teller

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