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Work hard and do not Beg

Once upon a time there was a man who sold mangoes. He was very poor.
Also no one buys his mangoes so he was very sad.
He cannot eat food without money.
He said to his wife, "I think I will leave home for two-three days."
One day he was selling mangoes he saw that a poor man was asking for money so he told him," Don't ask for money, do some work and earn money. I am also a poor man but I am not asking for money. Do some work and earn money". He also give two rupees.
The man was inspired by him. So he started working as a sweeper in a hospital. One day the chief minister of the state came to the hospital. He saw the man working very sincerely. So he told," how much do you earn in one day?"
He told," five rupees sir."
The chief minister told him to come to his office the next day."
The next day he went to the Chief Ministerís office. He was appointed as the assistant of the Chief Minister. He was offered a salary of Five Lakhs. He was very happy.
He became a rich person. He thought of the man who sold mangoes. He asked the address of the man and reached his home. The man was sick and was bed-ridden.
He took him to the hospital and saved the manís life. The man thanked him.
He told him that he was the one who inspired him.
He gave him money and the man was very happy and thankful. Now the man who was a mango selling man, became a rich business man. His family lived happily everafter.

Pranjal Jha
5 -B
Nand Vidya Niketan
Essar school

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