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A Soul who became a Soulmate

It was midnight. Our grandfather clock had just struck 12. It was making a sound like “TIK-TOK TIK-TOK”. There was an eerie silence outside. My eyes opened. My brother and I were alone in the house at that moment. Suddenly, it started raining heavily outside and there was thunder and lightning. We were frightened. Just then, we heard a sound like a scratch on the door. A chill ran down our spines. Our heart started thumping in fright. Slowly, the sound increased and with that our fright. But, after some time, we gathered some courage and slowly, tip-toeing, we went and opened the door. We were stunned at the scene outside. It was a soul!!!!!!! The soul entered our house. We could not even turn it out. It started going from one room to the other. It seemed that it was checking the house, to find itself a comfortable place. It was restless. Finally, it seemed that it had found what it was trying to find for such a long time. It came to one corner of our bedroom. We were dumb-struck. Like this, it started taking control over us. We could not do anything about it. We wondered about our parents’ opinion when they see it. Next morning, our parents returned. They also could do nothing about it. They had also come under its control. Gradually, it began controlling the heart of each and every member of the family too. It started staying with us and accompanied us everywhere, day and night. We started loving it too much. We could not live without it even for a single moment. Whenever we went to school, we always had its thought in our mind. Oh my!!!!!!! I think that this story is turning to a horror one!!!!!!! And you are really getting scared of it……… But chill……… It’s not a ghost, it is my little Bhomra!!!!!! My sweet pet dog, actually a puppy with wool like fur, soft as a ball of wool!!!!!!!! I take her for a walk outside every day. She is very sweet. I was just sharing my experience to you all about how I got my little Bhomra. She is now the most important member of our family. We consider her to be our sister.


Words of Appreciation

Anirudh Awesome story.Level of words is good but still the plot can be improved.
TEESTA LAHIRY Thank you so much for appreciating my work.

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