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My Trip to the Wild Forest

I was so fond of ghost stories and ghost films. But I never used to be Believe that the ghosts are there. I always believed that itís the people who think of a spirit known as ghost. Once, I and my friend planned to go on a trip to the wild forest. She said me that she heard many rumors that the wild forest is haunted. So we decided that we should do some research about ghost in that forest. As even she was really keen about ghosts, we both thought that we can go together to that forest. We got ready by taking the items needed. And started our journey, then we reached the town. We saw our surroundings and understood that no one can help us now we ourselves should search for a place to live in. by then we saw an auto driver passing by, we asked him if he could help us. He said that he knew a guest house here no one stays in it. He said he will drop us. We agreed and so reached that wooden guest house. We thanked him a lot and gave him his amount. We both started settling in that house. We rested there for some time then we started our research by heading the forest way. We kept a red tall flag in front of that house. By which if we miss our way back home. We can look for that flag. We started going straight forward and found that nothing was so scary in that forest. We thought that we have to beware now because we are going deep into the forest and animals may attack us. So we were attentive now and to our amazement we found nothing so scary then we started passing by neglecting the Straight Way. It was getting darker now and we started hearing some noises of dogs. We thought they might be wild dogs as we were passing they voice was becoming bigger and bigger. Neglecting that we found a graveyard, we saw a young lady crying near the graveyard. We asked her why she was crying. She said that my child Lisa died and she was been brought to this graveyard. I asked her why they bought her to this graveyard when many were on the way. She answered some people had a personal grudge on me and to fulfill it they killed my daughter and buried her here. She also added people say this forest is haunted, it is because late night her soul comes out and roams the total forest. I thought maybe she was true. She left the place immediately crying. We thought to go inside the graveyard and thatís it I heard my mother voice saying wake up, wake up and I woke up to my amazement I realized that this was just a dream of mine and my friend is fast asleep.

K. Aishwarya

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