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The History of Bravery

During mid 2003 there lived a daring FBI Agent Micheal Steven. He lived in New York City. His father's name was Jason. He was a hard working farmer. He had a dog called Barky. His mother's name was Amanda. He had a bullet bike. He hunted down every criminal in the city. One day Micheal's department head Mr. Richard called him up and told him "Micheal visit my house tonight I have to talk with you about an important case"
Micheal visited his house that night and asked "What is the matter sir?" Richard replied "you have to take down a universal child kidnapping gang called Axe." Micheal replied “yes sir, will hunt them down for sure." and left the house. He found out the gang leader Is Mark Henry. He was 6-foot-tall and a fair well - built person. Micheal traced him by recording his phone calls. One day, Micheal was recording Mark's phone call and heard his gang member say "Mark we have to kidnap a girl in Canada." "Ok, let me plan and make all the arrangements" Mark replied. Micheal heard that and flew to Canada. The Canadian Cops helped him out, he followed Mark and Gang members and fought his way to the sea where Mark's ship was anchored for sailing. Mark and his gang had kept 10 kids locked in a separate room. Micheal chased the ship with a speedboat and rescued the kids before it could start sailing. He fought with Mark and arrested his gang.
And Richard promoted him for completing the task.

Akkin J Feroze

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