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Do Not be Greedy

There were two friends- Anil and Amer. One day Anil was walking alone along the road side. There, while walking he found a big bushy tree. He decided to take rest under that tree. He kept his bag under his head and fell asleep. After five to six minutes, he woke up. He saw a piece of paper. It was like some message sent to someone. He picked the paper and started reading. It was written like this:
'One who invites any sanyasi to his\her house for lunch, after finishing his lunch you have to put him into deep sleep. When he gets up, you take a stick and beat him from back on head. A surprising thing will happen.'

Anil was in a hurry to know what the surprise was. Soon after he did every thing that was written on the paper. Miracle! Many gold coins fell down but nothing happened to the sanyasi. He was alright and he said "God bless you my son" and left from there. Next day Anil went and told Amer what had happened. Amer too did the same thing. But before the sanyasi could say a word he beat one more time as he thought that he may get more coins. But the sanyasi fell down and died. Thus he did not find any gold coins. Soon after the police came and arrested him.

MORAL: One should not be greedy and should be happy with what you have.

By: Sushama

Words of Appreciation

Nivedita Viswanathan Yes, You are right. But another thing, Greediness is our enemy isn't it?
Vasundhara Nice story. Keep writing
Fatima Excellent!Keep it up!
kanksha Good story !
varsha Very good story.
varsha Very good story.
lekshmi I like this moral it is very useful to me. Thank you.
sowmiya Nice story with a moral.

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