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Beloved Brownie

One day, when I was travelling by car to our village from Bangalore, I saw a little brown dog with wounds on its body. I asked my father whether I could take him home or not. He told me that I could take him to the village house but not to Kolkata. I became very happy. I took him to our house and fed it with biscuits. I also gave him warm milk to drink. Then I put medicines on its wounds. After 3 days it recovered. Every day I played with him. One day I was thinking to name it. I thought of many names like Rockie, Tommy, Lucy etc. Then I named it Brownie. We played together and ate food together. Holidays were over. When it was holiday time, every year we enjoyed a lot. After 5 years in 2015, I went to the village. There I could not see Brownie. I asked my relatives. They told that he died a week before. Then they took it to the hospital. The doctor declared that he died. After listening to this I cried a lot for him. My parents told not to cry. Every time when I think about dogs, I remember about my Brownie. May his soul rest with peace.

Taruni Reddy

Words of Appreciation

Prasanna This is very nice.
Prasanna v Very good!!
Sweety Nice. This shows that you love dogs.

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