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The Hi- Technology World

"What is this around me ?" exclaimed Rohan seeing himself in a completely different home fully equipped with technological devices. He could see the bed turn into a chair, move all by itself and take him to the bathroom. He shouted to his mom because he felt very awkward, his mom came rushing to him. His mom too was surprised to see what was around her, she turned towards Rohan and said," Do you know why are we here? I am feeling extremely worried and what's happening?" The chair on which Rohan was sitting extended a handle and slammed the door on Rohan's mother. His father an extremely relaxed person pacified his wife by saying, "Don't worry about what's happening I wanted to be in this kind of world which is highly technological, we are secure here." His wife was fine and felt that he was right. In the mean time, Rohan was amused in the bathroom where, the chair was making him brush, bathing him and dressing him up. A robotic servant prepared food and served him food, the food was delicious. Rohan threw a paper on the road his robotic servant hit him. Such was the cleanliness maintained . Every house had a robotic servant and a workspace for children where they can invent new machines. Rohan did not dare to enter the workspace because he felt it was dangerous. He observed the surroundings around him ,there were robots for surveillance on the road, the buildings emitted light all of them were in the shape of robots and there were trees also. His parents saw a building where it was written ROBOTICS SCHOOL. His parents enrolled Rohan in the school. He saw the people there and the teachers were robots the people had a tab above and a keyboard to type and research. Rohan learnt robotics and now started working in his workspace. He wanted to know that how did he come to the hi technology world. He saw what has happened in a device which he created, he called his parents and showed them what has happened, he said ," we slipped upon the machine of the aliens of this different planet when we were sleeping and we came here." "Oh that's weird" said his mom." Since you have learnt how to make machines, can you invent a time machine so that we can go back to our home and that too on the day which we came here." said his father . I am also missing our home I will try my level best to make a machine which will take us to any place and of any time.” said Rohan. Rohan sat for many days struggled a lot and invented the machine. He called out," Mom! Dad! I invented it successfully, come let's go!" "Good Rohan ! good!" said his mom. "I am proud of you my son " said his mom. Come on mom and dad lets go !
Rohan accidentally pressed 50 years later button to their hometown instead of 2 years before to their hometown. The machine worked but Rohan's family landed on a completely different world . The land was parch dry , very few trees, no water , people shaved their heads probably to conserve water but it was very well equipped with technology. Rohan saw a shop which was selling mineral papers to bath. The weather was too hot. Rohan's family overheard a conversation between a grandfather and grandson . The grandson said," Grandpa when your generation enjoyed water, why is there no water for us?" The grandfather with an ashamed look on his face said, "Due to our generation who did not value water."
Rohan's family now understood the value of water. They went back to their town and did their best to not to let the situation they saw to happen. They spread the message of why to save water and they also implemented it. They made a little difference.
Let's all save water it can't be made .

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