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Saving Food

"Rashi! Rashi! Don't do that there are several people who can't afford for food and you throw food like this"!!Exclaimed Rashi's friend Samhita, as Rashi was throwing the food left in her lunch box out of the school bus. "What am I supposed to do other than this my mom will scold me?" questioned Rashi. "You can eat it if your mother scolds you, you can ask your mom to lessen the quantity of food she keeps for you and you can even give this food to the needy people. Now, if I see you doing this again I am going to tell your mom." explained Samhita. The friends arrive at the bus stop, Rashi makes an unpleasant face at Samhita and moves away. On the next day the teacher asks the students to bring a fistful of rice. Many in the class wondered how would a small fistful of rice matter. Rashi throws the food out of the bus again. Samhita becomes very angry. Samhita then thought that there will be many others like Rashi in the school. All that food would be wasted and she can't tell what's happening to every mom. Also there are parents who themselves waste the food. She felt it would be better if she approaches her principal. The next day she went to her principal, to her disbelief she saw the principal herself throwing the food served to her in the school. Samhita felt very dejected but she mustered enough courage to approach her and speak up. Samhita exclaimed," Mam! there are millions of people dying due to malnutrition, this malnutrition is being caused by no food generally and we the people of a renowned school who are supposed to prevent wastage of food are throwing it away. Many children in the school throw food from their lunch boxes! We must stop this!" The principal got touched by hearing the thoughts of a young girl for the betterment of the society. " Couldn't you serve yourself a little less food if you can't eat so much. " Exclaimed Samhita unable to tolerate her anger. "I will do it my girl," replied the principal with utmost humbleness. Samhita suggested to the principal to take the children of her school to a slum area to see how they thrive for food. The principal agreed and sends the students to the slum area. This brings a change in everyone, they observe that the slum people were begging their mom for just a fistful of rice and realize what the value of a fistful of rice could be. "The farmer works very hard for every small grain and this hard work should not go waste." Samhita explained. The children instead of wasting give food to the needy. Samhita becomes very happy to see the change.

Moral: There will be many Rashis' around us, it could be ourselves we should be the Samhita and prevent wastage of food.

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