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The Good Deed

Once upon a time, there lived a boy named Phantom. His teacher told that everyone in the class have to be kind to others. A girl Mary who did a good deed was rewarded with a gift, so Phantom too wanted to do a good deed and get rewarded.
The next day Phantom gave away his maths notebook to a beggar in the street. The beggar did not know what to do with it and sold it. Next day, Phantom gave away his snacks to his friend who did not bring his food but the friend accidentally dropped it.
He went to his teacher and asked why he was not able to perform any good deed. The teacher asked him to perform the good dead with real concern about it. Then he would automatically succeed in what he was doing.
One day a robber robs an old lady. The boy stops the robber and asks him to give him the old lady's purse back. The robber refuses. The boy shows him an article in the news paper and tells him that the man in the article is considered to be the fastest runner in the whole world. But he seemed to be faster than him. Hence he could easily become an athlete and win many prizes. The robber quit robbing and became a famous athlete. Later, in an interview the athlete told that this boy was the main reason for him to be famous.
Phantom was respected in his school for changing a robber into an athlete who made India win many medals. His teacher was very proud of him and gave him what ever he asked for.

Ganesam Ananya,
Class 6

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