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The Silent Ghost

Once in a village named Davravpur lived five friends named Rahul, Raj, Amrit, Ashwinth and Arnav. One day, Amrit told his friends about a ghost living in that village. He said that they hear screamings everyday at night from the house at the outskirts of the village. The four friends didn't believe ghosts. So they said it was all tittle-tattle. Then Amrit said "OK if you don't believe me, come with me at night to the house." Hearing this all said yes except Ashwinth who was a ghost-fearing person. So all the remaining four set out on an adventurous journey. They planned to go to the house at night. At night all the four met at the house at 11.40 pm. All the four went into the house with a backpack .As they went inside the doors shut.Inside it was so dark that they could not see anything. They took out 2 torches from their backpacks. After going inside they saw knights made of iron.
After seeing these they were frightened but they said to each other to not fear. As they went inside they heard some strange sounds. As they went further ahead the sounds were growing louder. Finally they reached a room. When they went inside they saw a dead body. They all got scared and ran the way they came but there was no exit. So they went straight back and everything had changed. They realised that they had got stuck inside the house. After walking some distance they saw a staircase. Near it was a ball as they were seeing it a boy came and took it but they were not able to see him because he became invisible. They heard some sounds as if someone was shouting and quarrelling at each other. They finally found out that the sounds were coming from the room top of the stairs. As they were climbing the stairs the sounds stopped. So they went up of the stairs and as they opened the door they saw Ashwinth who said he won't come.
When they asked when did you come then he said "I thought to come and frighten you but you were so fearless,brave and confident of yourself. To come to the point it was not a dead body but a plastic toy and I am the person whom you saw take the ball."

Moral:Don't be fearful. Tackle all the problems life throws at you.

P.S Geethanjali,
Sri Venkateswara Vidyalaya

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