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Once upon a time there was a happy home of no luxuries, but neatness, no television but stories, no ipad but caroms, no anger but love - the Samhita's family.
Samhita was an intelligent, creative 6th grader who loved her grandmas' stories. She loved her family. For every occasion she would write a poem or make a beautiful greeting card whether a birthday or a religious festival or a marriage day. She was a very disciplined girl, she had a lot of faith in god and loved reading books. She was a good singer too(classical). But the only problem is that she did not have any friends.
One day as the alarm rang at 6am, Samhita woke up, brushed her teeth and read for some time. She did meditation every morning. She got ready and set off to school. She wrote the exam well and came back. The next day was Sunday and all the family had a good time in the night and went to sleep. In the morning Samhita went to swimming, came home, played kho kho with her friends and made a card for her brother and slept excitedly. Do you want to know why? It was Samhita's birthday the next day. The day began with Samhita seeing a fabulous card made by her mother. She distributed chocolates in the school and came home. Her father gifted a necklace and Samhita wore it every day. Days passed by happily but one day a disaster struck when Samhita was in 6 class only there was a tornado in their city. Samhita's family went missing Samhita was very sad. She had a lot of affection towards her family.
She was crying in her room piteously. She had to share this to someone but with whom? She was dependent on her parents and did not know anywhere to go. She stopped crying and began to think of a solution. To divert her mood she read a book of Swami Vivekananda and was inspired by reading the quote "Arise awake, stop not till the goal is reached you can do anything and everything all power is within you." And she made a way to do all things by herself.
But still the problem was not solved she could not understand what to do so she began to write Go to school on your own Get ready yourself Do your homework and ask doubts to teacher. A question arose in her mind. Who will get the food where are the money, how to pay school fee. Then she got an idea to work for someone to get money. But she felt she was too young to do that. Finally, She decided to share this with a teacher.
The next day she managed to get ready by herself and went to school. She talked to the kindest teacher ever, Miss Sita. She went to her and told her about it. Miss sita was not able to decide what to do. Samhita was such a small child and her parents are not there with her? She did not think anymore she decided to make the child stay with her. But her husband did not allow her to do that. From the next day onwards miss Sita gave her food. She would eat it and do all work by herself. This continued till Samhita was in 10th standard. Then Samhita asked her teacher,"How long can I depend on you like this?" Her teacher said,"As long as I am alive." "But I have to do something to help myself." Miss sita said, "Do you mean you want to do a part time job." Samhita replied,"That's a good idea." "But what job", Samhita asked with wonder? "Maybe you can work in the other town as a music teacher of basics as you are very good at it. "
Samhita got her job as a music teacher in evening in a house. The next day she went to school and went to the bus to her surprise she found her father in the next seat. She told her father I am your daughter her father first could not believe it later her daughter showed him the necklace he gave and both were in tears of joy. Both had so many questions to ask each other so her father took her to his home and clarified their doubt's. Samhitha was so happy to see their family and the happy days went on. She told her family this is all because of Miss Sita and thanked Miss Sita a lot.

D. Ashrita
Bharatiya vidya Bhavans Public School Hyderabad

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