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Kind Farmer

Once upon a time there used to live a farmer who was kind. He also used to share what he got in his farm to the poor. He was called as Ramu. After a week, his friend who was a farmer came to him and showed him all his wealth. He told that he was in this position just because he saved every piece for himself not sharing anything with anyone.
Ramu was not influenced by his friend's words and continued to do what he did. One day, the king who wanted to see the kindest and happy-go-lucky man of the kingdom and wanted to give him some gifts from his Royal treasury went in disguise. He saw Ramu and thought he was the right person and gifted him lots of wealth.
Ramu then understood that when he was doing was correct. Even if others tempted them to do go away from our noble deed, it is our duty to stay in the correct path. Even though the farmer was rich he was not as rich as Ramu.

Moral: Your duty is to do what you need to know.

Ganesam Ananya

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