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One Rotten Apple

Once upon a time, there lived a boy named Suraj. He was a good boy and his teachers' pet. He did very well at studies and was polite and humble.
One day, a new boy called Mukund joined Suraj's class. In the beginning, everyone thought he was nice. Slowly, they realised that Mukund was dishonest and rude. Also, he didn't pay attention to studies. Suraj, somehow was very impressed with Mukund, who was so different from himself! As days passed, Suraj's behaviour went from good to bad, bad to worse. His parents grew worried.
One night, Suraj's father kept some juicy red apples on his window sill along with a rotten apple. He told Suraj, "These apples need some more ripening. Wait for a few days before eating them." Suraj kept getting more and more impatient. After two days, he could not control himself and bit into one of the apples. Aaack!It was rotten. He tried another. This too was rotten! How did this happen? Only one was a little spoilt in the beginning, how did all rot? Suraj immediately complained to his father. His father smiled and said, " rotten apple spoiled all? Strange!" And, suddenly, Suraj understood.
Slowly, Suraj became well behaved again. He regained his position in class and became the "apple" of his parents' and teachers'eyes again!!

Lavanya Chillara
APS Pune

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