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A Magical Locket

A little girl named Arora lived in a small town Jaypur. She had big dreams though she was not so sure if she could make it. She was very kind and polite to others.
At the age of 18, her mother passed away and at the age of 21, her father passed away. She was alone from that day. She sold all her mother’s jewelry and earned some money. She used to do a part time job of selling carrots. Some days if some carrots are left over at the end of the day, she used to feed it to the poor people or to the animals like street dogs, cows.
One day a man came to her house with a magical locket. He said to Arora, “Whoever wears it can fulfil her dream.” Arora was surprised! She said “Can I borrow that locket from you.” The man said to Arora, “You can do that but remember, it will fulfil only one wish. If you ask for more it will make you a beggar.” Arora agreed and went away. She went to a park and asked for a wish, “I want to…” Suddenly a small boy came and said, “I wish I could fly”. And he started flying. Arora told him that it was her wish, but the boy was gone before she could utter a word. She went back home and asked the man, “Whoever wishes something will he/she disappear after wishing?” The man nodded his head as if he was telling ‘yes’. She thanked God for not making her disappear. After a while when she looked up, the man had already disappeared.

Moral – Whatever happens, happens for your good.

Saswati Parida,
Class-VI ,
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Public School, Hyderabad

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