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Madhur’s Education

Once, there lived a boy named Madhur. He was very poor. He didn’t have a mother. His father went to beg. And Madhur washed cars in the neighbourhood. Though Madhur was poor, he had a strong desire to complete his education. But, his father didn’t have much money to send him school. One day, he spoke to his father,” Father, I want to start going to school! I feel sad seeing everyone going to school. His father got angry and said,” Fool! You know, we don’t have money to buy food and clothes for us. Then, how can I afford money. We are very poor. You forgot.” Hearing his father’s words, he sadly walked away.
In Madhur’s neighbourhood, lived a rich man. His son Rohan was almost the same age as Madhur and he asked Madhur why he was crying. After hearing Madhur’s story, Rohan took pity on Madhur’s condition. He decided to help Madhur. He asked his father,” Father, look at that boy. He doesn’t have a mother, He is very poor, can’t we help him.” The man was proud of his son. He spoke,” My son, I am proud of you. If you want to help that child, you can help. If only, more people thought like you, child labour could be removed from India.” So that boy took Madhur to a nearby Government school. His father bought books, pens, pencils, etc. Madhur studied hard. He passed his 12th standard with great marks and won a scholarship for further studies. He studied hard to become a rocket scientist. He got a scholarship to the US and he fulfilled his dream to become a rocket scientist.
Madhur returned to India and launched missions to Moon and Mars. He became very famous.
One day, it so happened that the President of India called Madhur to felicitate him. And before his speech, Madhur invited Rohan on stage, and said,” I thank all my teachers and colleagues, but I could not have achieved any success in life, without education. Every child in India needs to be educated. But there are many children who cannot afford to pay fees. I wanted to study but I too could not have done anything, if Rohan had not been so kind. His father paid my fees, I got my education and I am most grateful to Rohan. In India, there are many rich people. People spend so much money unnecessarily on clothes, restaurants, parties. If everyone could spend some money for a child’s education, many children like me could be educated, and then our country could progress a lot. So friends, we learn that education is everything- you, your wealth,your life. Lets educate and be educated.” This brought tears in everybody’s eyes, and people stood up in respect for both Madhur and Rohan.
Moral of the story: If all of us could spend a small amount of our money for a child’s education, not only would our country progress, but we would also receive an innocent child’s blessings and good wishes.

Sriram Warrier
Energy Central School No.3,
Anushaktinagar, Mumbai-400094

Words of Appreciation

Govind Well written! Shows your broad mindedness and the way you think. Only very few people can think the way you did to get the story! Keep writing more! :)
Latha Anantha Good Imagination and vision for a future Sriram ! Keep it up !!

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