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Anorexia-From a child’s point of view

She looked up from the sink as she turned off the tap. What she saw in the mirror startled her! She saw a haggard, drawn face, with big dark circles staring back at her. The sharp contours of her jaw and shoulder were sticking out from her once cherub frame. As she lowered her gaze she could see the outline of her waist and she stifled a sob.
"Fat Amy" had now become "Anorexic Amy."
Amy used to be a happy-go-lucky child! Her hilarious anecdotes and innocent smile were known to brighten up any conversation she was part of. Until a few months ago when it all disappeared.
The day was still fresh in her memory. The date was 19th February and it was around 12:45, when she had entered the cafeteria and had heard a low murmur of "moo" behind her. Shocked, she turned her head in all sorts of directions in search for the voice. But in vain; the voice and it’s owner had long disappeared. She started walking towards her table but unfortunately was ambushed by bits and pieces of food thrown in her direction.
She quickly rushed ahead and as soon as she set down her heavy-loaded plate on her school's signature royal-blue table a few of her class-mates got up and left the table. Her eyes were stinging now and with tears streaming down her rosy cheeks she asked, Abby what was going on. Abby was one of her few friends who had stuck around. Somewhat hesitantly Abby answered, “Mike just needed someone new to pick on. Don't let it get to you; I am going to be by your side through all of this." As you may have already guessed, Mike was the school bully, he was known for his notorious ways all around school.
Lunch was a torture and the day never seemed to end. Amy felt like an outcast. Would she ever be the same again?
One by one the days were going by but the teasing never seemed to stop.
Then one day as Amy opened her locker to take out her books, she was aghast to find that there was a mount hill of rotten food stuffed in there. She could hear the sly snicker of Mike behind her which was then followed by a wave of laughter by the kids nearby. She gathered up her books and ran out without ever turning back. She had always liked herself and had never found her obesity to be a problem, until that day when everything came crashing down.
Amy was a strong-willed person and that day she decided that she would do everything possible to avoid feeling this way again. She was going to change herself to be accepted in this superficial world. Starve herself, exercise day and night, just for the sake of others.
Now, 3 months later, Amy is suffering from a number of problems. The once pink-faced Amy is now replaced by a much paler-looking one.
The sad part is that Amy is not the only one suffering from anorexia or to a larger extent bullying! Because of the cruelty and harshness of this unjust world thousands of people across the globe face this problem every day!

Vanshika Bhagat
Grade 9

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