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Munis Dream

Written by: Sharada Mahalingam

Muni, the 8 year old, daydreamer, was sleeping one afternoon. She as usual had a dream. She dreamt that her friends Maria , Shagun and Anania were playing hide and seek inside the pool. That is, the hiders have to hold their breath and be underwater, while, the person who’s finding them has to jump into the pool to find them.
While they were playing, Tejal, another girl who was not their friend, but who wanted to be, appeared there. We didn’t want to be her friend, so we hid underwater. Unfortunately, she was also coming to the pool for a swim. So, Tejal would find the four of them. They had no choice. Whenever Tejal was coming underwater, they had to swim ahead. It was like playing catch-catch. At last, Tejal went out of the pool. When she turned to go, we came out and Shagun said to her, “Hye! Did you know that we were in the pool with you?” “Of course! I thought once in a blue-moon you’ll want to play in the pool wit me!” she said. The four of us stared at her. Muni said, “Mmmmm . . . . . May we be your friend?” Tejal said, “Ha, ha! of course! Bye! I’ve got to go! See you tomorrow!” Anania and Maria said together, “I guess Tejal turned out to be a good friend after all!”
When Muni woke up, she ran to her friends and told them her dream, and they really became Tejal’s friend!

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