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Adventures of the Triplet Fairies

In a far away land, above the clouds of earth was a peaceful Fairyland. All the fairies were independent and had no rulers and kings.
As days rolled on they became unhappy. The reason being pollution of the earth was harming them. There were three identical fairy sisters. Flora ,Fauna and Feather. They had different powers. Flora had power of trees and plants, Fauna had power of animals and birds, Feather had power of weather from their names. They looked alike so to differentiate their parents stuck tattoos.
They were really eager to look what people did on earth.
One fine day with sun shining brightly the three sisters went to their parents. “oh Mom Please let us go down to earth!” said Feather.
“Why do you want to visit a dirty planet? Don’t you know they are polluting our planet too!” exclaimed mother. “We want to see
What those people do!” said Fauna with excitement . “Then its your wish” agreed father.
They flew down to earth. first they went to river Ganga. They saw the
River was polluted. People bathed And threw garbage in the river.
Flora became extremely unhappy.
With her power she cleaned the river thoroughly and warned the
People to maintain it. The water gushed out immediately. Their
Next visit was to the forests. This Time Fauna was fed up.
Using her power, “wave the wand to make the forest look green and make hunting clean.” Said she and people stopped hunting and cutting trees. The hunters apologized and the forest became green and clean.
They went to near by village. Now it was Feather’s turn. There was no rain in the area because of cars and other vehicles. She cast a spell and the vehicles became eco-friendly.
She also made preparations for a down-pour of rain. The place became fertile than before.
They were not sure whether the people will look after it clean so they held a meeting with representatives of each country. They went back to the fairy land happily.
There everyone were happy to see a green & clean earth. The three
Fairies got a greenery prize for their Act. Their parents hugged them proudly.

Padmaseshadri Bala Bhavan Senior Secondary School,

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