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A Bizarre Dream

Last week, I and my grandmother were preparing for my unit test of Social Studies. It was the chapter of great Hindu warrior, “Shivaji”. My grandmother, who had recently retired from teaching, is an excellent teacher. She helps me to prepare my lessons in a fun and easy manner. I liked reading about Shivaji and his battles against Mughals. I also learnt about Mughal king: Shahjahan, who build Taj Mahal, in the memories of his wife Mumtaz.
After revising my lessons, I started playing my favourite video games of robots. While playing, my grandmother asked me a question for revision, “How did Shivaji escape from the jail?” I answered, “Shivaji was imprisoned by Aurangzeb in Agra fort. Shivaji was a great hero and was known for his intelligence. While in jail, he used to observe the actions happening around to find a way to escape! And one day he got one!
While in jail, he used to send out many baskets of fruits every day. Earlier, the soldiers standing outside the jail, always checked the baskets of fruits. After some days, they didn’t look in the baskets. One day, Shivaji and his son Sambhaji decided to hide in the fruit baskets. When the baskets reached markets, they quickly came out from them and managed to get out of the jail.”
I looked at my grandmother and she smiled. I could make out that my answer was correct. She said, “Looks like you are really inspired by Shivaji!” I said yes and started playing the video game again. After another ten minutes, I dozed off.
When I opened my eyes, I was shocked. I was in Agra. I looked around. I am inside a huge fort. My dad was with me. Oh! He looks exactly like Shivaji. While, I was thinking, a monster came and pushed us inside the jail. We got imprisoned! There were robots too all around us, keeping an eye on us. When the monster was leaving, the robots bowed down and said “Aurangzeb Zindabad”.
I sat down with my dad with a pot of water and some cookies. Next day, we were asked to make fruit baskets with other prisoners. From morning till evening, we used to make fruit baskets and after evening we were put behind the bars. All that time while we used to make baskets, the robots were patrolling here and there. In the jail, I found my friends, Ishta, Pari and Navya too. They were also doing the same job. Shivaji, my father, and Navya’s father became good friends.
One day, a visitor came to meet us. To my surprise, it was my grandmother. She said, “Beta, why don’t both of you hide yourself in the fruit baskets and come out of the jail? Shreya, you have to come out soon as tomorrow morning is your exam”. That was an excellent idea! One can always trust elders for the best advice!
I sat down thinking and dreamt of my discussion with my grandma where we learnt about Shivaji’s escape through fruit baskets! Yipee! I am going to do the same.
The next day, I discussed my idea with my friends. All my friends agreed to help me. During the day, when the robots gave us fruit baskets, my friends and Navya’s father helped us hide in the baskets which had lots of fruits. They carefully left the baskets on the main door and went inside.
Soon, the robots came to pick up the baskets and started loading them in the truck. One of the robots shouted that today we had stuffed too many fruits and the baskets were heavy! Little they knew what is hidden inside them! We are about to escape! As the robots were carrying me in the fruit basket to the wagon, I could hear a bee buzzing around the fruits. I got scared and started shouting, “help! help.” I got too scared of the bee-sting and jumped from the basket. The robot saw me. Hearing the noise, my father also jumped out. “Run, my dear! Run fast! exclaimed my father looking like Shivaji.
I saw robots approaching to catch me. I shut my eyes and started running in a direction. When I opened my eyes, I saw myself in Taj Mahal. Oh God! What a beautiful place. Suddenly, I heard a strong voice telling me, “Get out. Don’t spoil my house”. I turned back and saw that the person instructing me is none other than Shahjahan, who looked like Amitabh Bachhan. I exclaimed, “Help me; some robots are following me and my father.” He said, “Don’t shout, my wife is sleeping. She just died and is in her coffin.” I said’ “Please help, hide me some where”. “Go and lie in the coffin with my wife, no one will come to know”, said Shahjahan. It was horrifying, so I ran again. I held my father’s hand and both of us shouted in fear.
We both started running fast and reached a tall and thin wall. We could see the robots approaching us. Soon, all the robots reached the wall. We started climbing up the wall fast. My father reached the top and extended his hand for me. On the ground, Aurangzeb was also standing below the wall ordering the robots to capture me soon. I was about to climb the wall and escape! But sadly, the bee came again and started buzzing around me, threatening me to bite. Oh no! Go away you silly bee! As I tried to shoo away the bee with my hand, I fell down.
Thud! I opened my eyes and saw a mosquito buzzing in my ear. I had fallen from my bed.
I thought, ‘Oh no! The chapter and the fun of video game made my dream so horrifying.’ In the morning, while reading the question paper I could see the same question being asked and I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. My teacher looked at me in surprise and asked “Shreya, what is so funny about the question paper? Why are you laughing?” I said sorry to her and wrote all the answers with full confidence.

Shreya Rajput
Class V

Words of Appreciation

sanjeevan Marwaha Rather interesting.. Its amazing how our everyday thoughts and actions can play on our sub conscious mind that we start dreaming too. Very well written..
sushant Very nice and interesting story. This is how you can apply your knowledge and fantasies together.
Bhawna Duggal Owesome, interesting and very nicely written
Arun Singh Dhaliwal Written very well. Keep it up.
Jyoti Beri It is amazing. Well written and very creative.
Geetika Nayyar Very well written. Keep it up. Will look forward for post from you. God bless you.

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