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Peaches that make you mad

Itís a funny thing that witches and wizards use magic only on nature. In my story a witch uses her magic on fresh fruits which one would love to eat.

Once upon a time in a village named Shantipura lived an evil and wicked witch who wanted to defeat the brave and wise king of Shantipura and become the queen. She first had to destroy the clever scientist whose brother was the prime minister of the village. First she made a medicine which could really make a person mad. Her plan was to sell peaches to that scientist whose name was Mr. Chandragupta Mehta. She opened a peach stall in which she sold fresh peaches. The peaches looked fresh but were chemical injected and that was the suspense. Finally her plan worked, Mr. Chandraguptaís son Ramu appeared before her and bought the chemical injected fruit. Yes now soon will that time come she was waiting for. She did not know that Mr. Chandragupta had just invented and fitted a chemical detector all around the village. As soon as Ramu entered it started buzzing Mr. Gupta snatched the peach and scanned the peach in the chemical scanner and found that the fruit was chemically injected. He immediately threw the peach out of the window . Once again Mr. Chandragupta had saved his kingdom by making an announcement that the witch had changed her form and had sold peaches that are chemically injected. He got a handsome reward by the king once again.

Moral : Good deeds will always overcome bad deeds.

Nafisa Amerji

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