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The Evil Woodpecker

Once upon a time, in a jungle, there lived a woodpecker called Woody. He was very proud of his strong beak. He always thought, some birds have beautiful feathers, but they can’t fly. Some birds fly high, but they have small beaks. I can fly, I can hunt and ,I have a strong beak. I can cut down big trees with my beak. So I am the strongest.
So Woody started harassing all other animals. He would hide behind a branch and as soon as he would see some animal, he would swoop down and peck him. He would peck their heads, their tails, and laugh out loud when they ran. He would peck branches of trees and scare other birds. All the small animals in the forest started getting wounded and they all got fed up. One day Kalu the crow scolded Woody in front of all other animals. He said to Woody, ’Enough. If you continue like this, we all will punish you.’
Woody felt very insulted. He said to Kalu, ‘I know the tree on which you have your nest. I will cut that tree down with my beak and all your babies will die.’ Saying this, Woody started pecking the tree on which Kalu lived. But all other birds in the forest came to Kalu’s help. They picked Kalu’s nest with their beaks and placed the nest safely on another tree.
Woody did not see this and kept pecking the tree. Suddenly his beak got stuck on the tree and he could not fly. The tree broke from the middle and Woody got stuck in between and died. All animals rejoiced.
Moral of the story is, Pride goes before a fall.

Sriram Warrier,
Class :V B,
Atomic Energy Central School No.3,

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