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A Mothers True Love

Chandru was born in a poor family in a village in northern part of Kerala. His father died before he was born. His mother despite the acute poverty brought up her son and provided him with good education. She never let him suffer the hardships. He did his studies well and after having completed his graduation he got a decent job and migrated to the city of Bangalore leaving his mother in the village. In the course of time, he fell in love with a girl working in his office. She was from a rich family and they finally got married. He did not invite his mother for the wedding as he thought it would be embarrassing for him to introduce his poor mother to the relatives of his bride and friends. After the marriage, he completely lost touch with his mother.
Since the mother had no news from his son, she travelled to Bangalore and after a long hunt she finally found the place where her son and family were staying. She pressed the door bell and hearing the bell his children came and opened the door. On seeing a strange old lady with one of her eyes deformed, children got scared and rushed to call their father. He came to the door and saw his mother standing in front of the door and she was quite excited at seeing her son after a long time. When she proceeded towards him to hug, he pushed her away and shouted at her “why did you come here? I do not want to see you. Go away”. The mother left the place weeping and promised his son that she would never come to meet him.
A few years later, he received an invitation from his college in the hometown for re-union. He went to the college and after the function while he was passing nearby the hut where he had spent his childhood days with his mother, he saw the crowds gathered at the hut. Out of curiosity, he rushed towards the hut and saw his mother lying dead on the ground holding a paper in her hand. He lifted the paper from her hand and read the contents:

My dearest son,
I am sorry that you were embarrassed when I visited your home in Bangalore. I will never again make your life unhappy with my visit to see you. Though it is hard and painful decision for me, I always want my son and family to be happy.
When you were a little child you lost the vision of one of your eyes in an accident. I did not want my son to be living with one eye and therefore, your injured eye was replaced with one of my eyes to get full vision for you. I felt so happy when you could regain your vision. I did not mind living with one eye as for me, my son’s happiness is more important than anything else in this world.
Your ever loving mother

Raveendran Nambiath

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